14 September 2005

Osama Bin Laden CAPTURED !! FINALLY !!!

Now you know why they cant find him huh ?
Hes been getting help from Genie, He even got his RIDE!

HEHE ... Sorry, I just cant help it! my friends is flooding my inbox with lotsa bin laden jokes!


  1. whoa,
    how much horsepower is that damn rug churning out? when was the last time it's washed? how much mileage can i get for a gallon of jet-fuel? was it a pressie from Musharraf?

    get a the CNN w_ore-s_ut journalist into his cave now! we need answers!

  2. Anonymous4:27 am

    the rug looks very powerful lor. It's good for the environment since it doesn't use any fuel. Somore can get so good mileage and cheaper too!!!

  3. bwahahahaha!!! if bush see means, he sure wan to buy one! no need petrol, no need air con, somemore radar also cannot pick up.

  4. was just thinking, not that good to ride leh. open air vehicle, later get lotsa bugs in your teeth, and what happens if a bird flies smack into your head? ouch...

  5. waaa, supersonic or not? if got afterburner, sure best


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