12 September 2005

RM300,000 transport

Sometime in the not-so-distant future...

Little Devil: Dad, Can I borrow your car?

Wingz: Borrow my car for what?

Little Devil: So that I can tell my friends that I drive a RM300,000 car.

Wingz: Here's RM10. Tell your friends that you ride a more than RM300,000 bus instead.


*The above scenario does not reflect any situation past, now or future. It is just a "made up"


  1. Anonymous10:02 am

    because this joke is so lame...it's so funny. ahaks! LOL.

  2. Anonymous10:47 am

    8555 : i couldnt agree more with ur statement

  3. What to do. I am a "rojaks" in training. Haven't reached my sifu, Wingz, level yet.

    So give face a bit :D

  4. hahaha !! aiyo quick why tak paham la ? the bus is more expensive than the car mahhh so if u wanna show off might as well show off with the bus! LOL!

  5. no no. tak faham apa itu ada dengan spuluh ringgit itu. takde kena mengena dengan bas atau keta. lain pulak kalau kena bayar spuluh tu kat uncle bas. lolz.

  6. err, quick... take bus you no need to pay? It's bus fare for little devil la!


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