26 September 2005

Can I Get Another Wife Test

Was having dinner with my In Laws and Uncle Toni's family today, the restaurant are kinda packed today and the waiting time for the food to arrive are unusually long. Someone talked about banana, this is when Uncle Toni said

Uncle Toni : You know there is a province in China where its a norm to have more than 1 wife ? but before you were allowed to marry another wife u hafta go thru "THE TEST" first.
Nam : What kinda test is that ?
Uncle Toni : This test is only applicable to men above 50s
Me : Then ?
Uncle Toni : Actually its a simple test to see if the old man is still up to it anot ler
Me : Faster tell lar hows is the test being carried out
Uncle Toni : ok ok , here is how :
1st - Tie the "man" up onto a pillar, tie hands, tie legs and strip naked. in an empty room.
2nd - Place a big drum just right below his testicles
3rd - Tie a "drum stick" to his kkc/penis
4th - Place a clock into the room.

Tomolo morning at 7am, he must be able to hit the drum loud enuff to wakeup the entire village with his "KKC" to prove that his KKC still very the power!


Now this is what i call a kukubird alarm!!!


  1. and your bini grinned lebar lebar upon hearing that. she oso want a kukubird alarm from you rite? muahahahar!

  2. and your bini grinned lebar lebar upon hearing that. she oso want a kukubird alarm from you rite? muahahahar!

  3. Mah Hai! like that also can!!!

  4. Anonymous5:38 pm

    i'll wait another 10 yrs to try that one out, lmao.

  5. Anonymous6:44 pm

    hoho manyak kuat la the dicky. hoho

  6. if that's da case, i wonder how many ppl will pass da test. da drumstick dam big, African aso duno can lift it up anot la.. :P

    Yes, is kuku bird alarm clock (if its work)

  7. Oi, pundek ah, I got flamed liao. Come bring your drumstick and toing that cibai UK expat in my site. Call semua your dou dai jugak.

  8. wah liaoooo.

    liddat hor, i oso kenot leh. i am under 50, young and virile sammore leh!

  9. totoro : this drumstick knot eat one ok ? lol

    belacan : taikor ... old cock ledi la .... knot lift weight liow lol

    ahpek : eh u wanna try anot ? u do lar i take video kakaka

    samm : eh dun torture your hubby ok ? lol

    elfintrot : Tenkiu tenkiu ... i lebiu ~~~~

    surfnux : hahah yalor the fler dick got go gym one ... the gym name is kuku-1st LMAO!!!

    Young brat : got viagra mah kakaka

    5xmom : who who!!! mch .. mei sei kor !!! mau bawak parang anot ?

    butty : eh u wait till ur pubic hair finish growing ledi 1st la lol!!!

  10. wahh-lau, ini pun boleh, aiyo, your unkle toni very crafty person, can cum up with dirty tricks and name it a "test".


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