15 September 2005

Big Bully Harassing Would be Customer.

Imagine this, you surfing the internet for an item you wanna buy for urself, then u found it in AhKow.com So you pick up the phone and call the number listed in the website and you managed to tok to one of the manager in AhKow.com. This is the conversation :

You : Boss this item how much ?
AhKow : This one ? err ... eh you come to my shop I tell you face to face better.
You : No no .. i not free to goto your place, you want my business anot ?
AhKow : Want laa ... but you come my place first la ... i got many things you know ? got spesel offer sommo! if you come tonite then i give u free towel.
You : Eh which part of "NO" you dont understand ? you no skool one izzit ? tell me which kindergarden you goto, i try my best not to send my child there. ABC also dunno.
AhKow : Eh! Fuck you lar! you dont lansi i tell you! I call 20 banglas come and rape your whole family! and all your dogs and cats and curse whole 18 generation of your ancestors. You dont let me see you in my place! if not i will rearrange your face and cut off your kkc!!! We dont need your business, you can goto hell! *hang-up the phone*


Of course you being a blogger you will blog bout it, then skali dunno how this AhKow.com mia boss (AhKow la) got read your blog one, then he goan call lu bcoz of this pasal.

AhKow : Eh Latuk, manyak soli saya mia manager manyak lansi .... he itu hali datang haid sommo lupa bawak pad ... so he using toilet paper only, thats why he bad mood la, mintak maaf ya. But hor I got read what you wrote in your blog leh, I not very "song" with you toking bad about my kompeni. My staff fucked you then u fuck him back la! why you goan step on my company ? my company very big very fehmes and i am very rich you know ? I am gonna sue you untill u r FULAT!!! I will take your car! your house! your wife! your dogs! and everything you own!! DIE YOU DIE !!!!
You : but but but .... I m the victim here!! I actually wanna give business to you guys but I putih putih kena diu by your manager!!! Where is the justice to this ?
AhKow : Who cares ? I m big you are small, I use one finger can tekan u die ledi, that will teach anyone who dare to tok bad about AhKow.com !!! WUAHAHAHAHAHA !!!!

Note : if something like this ever happened to you, you can sue them back for harassing you and caused unnecesarry stress. Then u pretend u kena depression spend lotsa money goto the saikologis or tanjung lambutan for treatment and then sue 9 that farker for damages! Prior to that, pls record down all the phone conversation as evidence ok ?

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Moral of the story ? The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

My Msg to AhKow.com : MCH!! ppl boh song your service knot complain one ka ? lidat u close door dont do business la! even in komunis country like China also can complain about bad service la!!! sommo say they are from free speech country la! hahaha ... this is a joke man!


  1. ahkow.com said, " dius! u tink i sked you lojaks ar? you lift on trees while i sleep on spling. you tok summore? i fling your head with my big booger then you know. my money come weight more than you! dius!"

    hehehe :P

  2. you: eh, ahkow. who asking you spiking like dat weh. dun korek hidung, later ur hidung not oni tinggi, besar oso. no need so lansi lah. u sao dong better then ur fugly face come all over my blog lar. mou din din lau yan. chee sin (then, in good kenny sia fashion) KNNCB!


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