19 September 2005

This is Why US Military Cant trace Osama Till Today.

THis is why Osama Bin Laden was never caught nor seen by the US military Even tho they are equipped with most advance equipment money can buy. Now you know how Osama can move from place to place being being notice huh ? LOL! ok ok this no more osama jokes after this. I plomise :P



  1. looking at the first pic. i thought osama hide inside the camel's arse.

  2. Anonymous1:45 am

    1st well i think that is plywood cut to camel shape.... .

    2nd what happen if US use spy sattelite to scan for osama?
    a)he be a 'sidewer'snake.
    b)still be a cammel
    c)hide ;or
    d)he write at sand: hey! stupid US i'm here.

    ha ha ha ha

  3. Anonymous11:46 pm

    eh wingz, where you find the komik wan? Can gimme the link ah? I want to put it up on my blog lor...

  4. simmie i got it as a forward from my frend ler

  5. Anonymous1:41 am

    wingz, I kopy ah?

    eh, when you going to announce the hamsup pikture contest winners? faster lah!

  6. sure simmie, go ahead. the result har ? all the judges not free yet ler ... we havent got time to tok bout it also hehe


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