18 September 2005

Selamat Hari Kek Bulan !!!

Ok that just doesnt sounds right, Anyway i Just wanna wish you all :

"Chung Chow Jit Fai Lork!!! " (Canto)
"Happy MoonCake Festival!!! " (Yingrish)
"Selamat Hari Kek Bulan!!! " (BM)

Buden like all the other celebration, I think this mooncake festival is a bit too commercialised ledi ... just imagine RM32 bucks for an average box of mooncake (4pcs) ??!!! Dsaint ate one a few days ago thats worth RM28.00 sebijik !!!! WTFOMFG !!! RM28.00 sebijik mooncake ??!!! dats gotta be daylight robbery right ?

Mine ? RM5.00 for 4 bijiks ...

My Fav Mooncake!!! RM5.00 for 4 bijiks!

Buden again, Im a poor guy who cant afford expensive mooncakes :P

Back in the old days we used to make our own tanglung outa discarded milo tin, now ? candle one arent good enuff, they want battery operated one !!! *sigh* what happened to traditional value ?? After all Mid Autumn Festival is a very very traditional event you know ?

Anyway, Happy Mid Autumn Festival ..... enuff mumbling from this oldman liow ... :)


  1. this year mid autumn not very happy,
    things have changed so much already,
    last time everything was so steady,
    now want to eat mooncake also not easy.

  2. Anonymous3:51 pm

    oi...who menang the hamsup pikhure contest?

  3. Yalor, who wins? Who wins? I got my prize ready. LOL!

  4. back in the days, i used to eat leftovers, with the dogs, beat it!

  5. ahpek : if u bcome a rapper can i be ur manager ?

    simmie : the result announcement has been postponed bcozx of mid autumn festival ler :P

    kiasi : u mean those expensive mooncake or my cheap mooncake ar ?

    5xmom : oii keep it fresh !!! lol

    ky : which dogs ??? beat who ? the dogs ? lol

    Anon : yahoo!! i m being spammed!!! MALAY MAIL where are thou ?! come interbiu me !!!! WUAHAHAHAHAHA I M FEHMES!!!


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