6 September 2005

Sued By a Donkey® Bcoz I Compare him with "THE GIRL" !!!

Note : This post were made solely for entertaiment purposes, no Donkey or Girl were hurt in the process. For those who could easily be offended looking at disturbing images or for those with a weak heart please leave now. Others please proceed at your own risk.

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This Donkey® is suing me for defamation and humiliation leading to further degrading of his publis image bcoz of the comparison I made between him and this girl.

The Donkey®


In a press statement release by its manager, Mr. Jim Arbuckle He said "I am angry being compared with that girl! I detest being compared to that girl! anyone but that girl is fine with me!!"

But ... But ... tell me they dont look alike ??? What can I do if she shares the face of that Donkey® ???!!!! OMFG !!! I m so so innocent !!!

Statement from "THE GIRL" : HHHEEEE HAAAWWWW!!!! so bad wan, say I look like him HEEHAAWWWW have no rights to do so!!!

btw, idea n pics also i kebas from paultan .... nabeh i gibe credit edi laaaa happy larrr luuuu !!!! :P


  1. Muahahaha...hee haw hee haw!


    Ah Wingz suk suk, you better get your flame suit on man~!

  3. rofl rojak, mau kena sue ka!

  4. who's that poor gal?? she must have done something to piss ya off eh .. hehehe

  5. hey quite alike ma. Look at da eyes and mouth area.

  6. Wah ... they must be the new 'TWINS'

  7. Haha!! I must agree with you for this one. Look quite similar. LOL!!

  8. hmm.. that girl looks fimiliar.. was it my last trip to hap chai?.... old man memory no good.

  9. Anonymous9:57 am

    Aiyo... don't insult the poor ass lah... See? Now the fella angry d. *sayang cute donkey* Dun angry k? Many of us here understand how insulting it can be.

  10. kam tak tark??? bwahahaha! uncle wingz 's super Merc cannot go SG liao. bwahahaha!

  11. mob1900 : hey 1st time see you commenting ! biaocum!!

    Jason : Flame suit ON! and Eveready!

    butt : u cant sue me bcoz u agreed not to hold me liable when u read the joke :P

    shimmeringlilies : awww ... no i dunno that girl one maybe she knows me but i dunno her one! i swear!

    young brat : yalar!!! exactly like twins !!!

    inevi: i think they are related too!

    crazygrr| : quite similar ?? QUITE SIMILAR ??? thats the best you can do ???!!! they look ALIKE la !!! 101% alike!!! :P

    ahpek : song anot u skrew 9 her ?

    YP : yar i dem regret now ... can u ask the ass not to sue me ? LMAO!

    belacan : takpe i naik bus aeroline pigik ... malas mau drive into Sg .... their traffic system dont encourage foreigner to drive in one.

  12. Fuwah, must not make Pat Leong Kumm angry. I don't think I will like it when he gets angry.

  13. 5xmom : hmm sounds like the incredible hulk!!! but we are talking bout shrek now !!!! :P

  14. later Dragon® burn you for comparing her lover with The Girl, lolz. make you produce mutant dragon babies then you know. lolz.

  15. Wah lau!!! If this post sampai singkapor, later comment sure kena flooded like ST punya.

  16. ehh, Sinkapor got petaling street not?? must ping this post there la... then you get tons of 'Impression' lo... Syok??

  17. quick : oh yar the female dragon !!! how come i dint thot of her ?

    dizzy : huh ? wat singkapoh ?

    lockee : singkapoh got china town ... but what singkapoh ar ? *blur*

  18. the donkey look better than the girl lerr... hehehe...

  19. Anonymous7:59 pm

    hahaha. nice pics. i think they do look a bit alike. :)

  20. Aww, the donkey is so cute. :) Cuter than the chicko, perhaps?


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