30 September 2005

Guys Nite Out - What Do We Talk About ?

Wednesday is usually my Bachelor nite, its like the guys-nite-out thing. Most of the time we will find a place to chat. Place ranging from pubs to coffeebean to kopitiam, it depends on who hafta head home early n whois treating that sorta thing.

I was once asked by a female frend bout why do guys need to have guys-nite-out kinda event ? why cant they bring along their spouse ? If you must know, do you know what we guys tok bout when we go out ? most of the time we will talk about girls/women! if bring spouse sure kena ban and boycott kaw kaw from the geng la!!! bring your spouse to the guys-nite-out event is suicidial, its hazardous to health do not attempt this at home, with out without supervision!

Lemme share with you a few of the "nicest" jokes we made on women. this one comes from Andy Tew (yes his surname is Tew)

He asked us this question sometime ago "What is the similarity between woman and aeroplane?" and of coz none of us get it right so he proceed to tell us his answer "They both have 'cock-pits' LMAO!"

Heres another one by Ronald "What is the difference between a woman having a bath on a Sunday morning, and one going to church on a Sunday morning?"
Heres the punch line "The woman going to the church got 'a soul fulla hope' and the one having a bath got 'a hole fulla soap' LOL!"

"a hole fulla soap"

With this kinda women jokes going on, I do not foresee any perfectly rational sane guys would bring a women to this event wont you ? well then again ... you might be a unrational sohai which we label as WH4 one la! lol!

NO, IM NOT A RACIST SEXIST !!! but if there is women out there that would like to flame me ... i wont curse you kena accident one ler ... dont worry! LMAO!

Btw, you guys seen Suanie's bikini pic ? wuah .. that mama got big jugs man!!! dont belif me! goan see for yourself HERE

Mama-mia~~~ *slurpss*


  1. Here's another:
    "Why does most of the tornados/tsunamis/typhoon has women names?"

    When they first come at you, they're all WET & WILD!
    When they leave they take away your house, car and anything on their path!

  2. are you sure the correct vocab is racist?


  3. more like 'Sexist' since brainy here points it out. ;P

    like I love having SEX so I'm a Sexist! buahahahha

  4. blardy hell, that was funny. So educational...yeah, there is no girlfriends or wifes or girl collegues in our mamak gathering, too much censorship, ended up talking pleasent things like the weather, kitchen tiles, toilet rolls and traffic jams....cannot talk cock! Cheers!

  5. I think the correct term is "boobist" :P

  6. bwahahahaha!!!!!!mah hai!!!!!!!hole full of soap!!!!soap can go inside the hole one meh????

  7. ahpek, after drinking a lot, can think any water also can go into any hole! err, do i make any sense? no more baileys in the morning liao! LOL!

  8. so farnee... if i got big jugs i would be flaunting 'em not hiding 'em BLEH

  9. mob : HAHAHAHAAA!!!!

    j!mmy : mch dat time 3am liow .. i dem 9 blur mah ...

    cameljoe : boring lar bawak awek go mamak with own geng ... knot kap luis lol!!!

    eggy : aiks ... boobist ? boobs discrimination ? lol!

    Ahpek : can lar ... dats how they make portugese blekfas mah!

    belacan : hahaha pagi pagi ledi high ka ?

    suanie : i know u tried hiding them but bcoz its too big hor ... u cant hide em all!!! LOL!!!


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