23 September 2005

Girls of Which Race is the Horniest ?

Yesday go yum char at mamak with Eddy and Ronald, Eddy was telling us this joke which is funny as hell. Its a lil bit racist tho. Those who cant take it pulez leave now.

Eddy was asking us this question :

Eddy : Eh lemme ask you both, you know outta all the race in Asia, which is the most hamsup one for girls la?
Me : Jabpenis girls!!!!
Eddy : Wrong!
Ronald : Thaicock girl!!!!
Eddy : Wrong!
Me : Then ???
Eddy : Its indian girl la
Ronald : How come ?
Eddy : Each time they come across a guy, they would fold their hands, look down and say "wannacum"?????
Me : KAKAKAKA!! eh puki thats vanakum la!!! not WANNACUM!!!
Eddy : sounds the same mah hahaha!
Ronald : makai lu lidat also can ar ?
Eddy : haha can lar! then u guys wanna know who is the 2nd most horniest race anot ?
Me & Ronald : who who ?
Eddy : Korean girls la
Ronald : Korean girls ? mch must be some lame joke again ....
Eddy : diuuu .... u wanna listen anot wan ?
Ronald : ok ok tell la faster!
Eddy : Each time a guy does something for them, they would say "Come suck me lah"
Me : oi mch u dun blow cow la!
"Kam sa mi da" in korean actually means "thank you" not what what "come suck me lar"

Ronald : kakaka mch this fucker telling lame joke lagi ... eh mch u made us listen to your lame jokes so tonite you must blanja us roti telur 2 bijik each ok ? if not u go home yourself kakakaka!!!
Me : wuah mch Ronald u smart har .... today u fetch him got purpose one izzit ?
Ronald : Yala mch this farker stingy like fark ... if not use this way i think difficult mau see him draw wallet la
Eddy : MCH you two fuckers you becareful .... one day i sure revenge kaw kaw one!


  1. Rojaks, lei duk chor. You femes liao. Got spammed! Woo hoo!

  2. Anonymous8:18 am

    Hahahaha. Good one. "Wannacum"

  3. diu lor, spammers getting you already.

    Oi. you say want to announce result for your picture quiz? where? you don play play you know. i know i won already one. after i sue you.

  4. and the rojaks kept on cumming! Please take note, do not read rojaks site when driving...can cause accidents :D

  5. anon : Hoi you wrong blog la! you should goto paultan.org

    5xmom : ahmah ngo duck jor laaa!!!

    totoro : erm got anything to do with toto 4D anot ar ?

    stan : tenkiu

    ahpek : mch! lidat also u know har! actulee i like buaya sepnder too mcuh la i thot i wanna keep it to myself ... i like the smell kakaka!

    cameljoe : wuah i m flattered ler ... buden how to read rojaks blog when driving la ?

    dsaint : so do u get food spit onto your face anot ?

  6. nvr tot of it b4..tis can be use as my 'curi makan' joke ard...

  7. Anonymous12:36 am

    lame joke lame joke...

    wanna hear my elephant jokes? :p


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