28 September 2005

Today, I got lotsa Electro in Me

Someone told me that after a while of reading my blog, my jokes are kinda getting from stale to sucks, So today I decided not to post any jokes and I wanna post something about my life for a change.

I woke up early today, thats 9am (hey 9am is still early ok ?) I m due for another round of extensive checkup at Sunway Hospital. On our way there we managed to deviate from our original path and stop at the R&R in Kesas highway for breakfast YEA!!! I dunno why but this kinda R&R breakfast reminded me of those highway diners along highway 66 in Amalika (hahaha! I know I m weird). Its almost 9:30am and it looks like most of the shops there are still notchet open. Its kinda peaceful eating there compares to the forever busy mia ahpek kopitiam.

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Blekfast at Kesas R&R, peaceful isnt it ?

I arrived at the hospital at around 10am, right on time. My appointment wasnt due till 10:15am, so i still got time to go around the place to snap pikchures like jakun LOL! I did not get any pictures taken on my first trip last week so i thot i made it up this time by taking more pikchures ... I think i need a life hehe.

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Reception area at Sunway Hospital

Got up to the first floor and head straight to the doc's clinic/room to register myself, its the same nurse as last week I guessed she could recognise me by now hence i cracked a joke in front of her, I said to her "good morning! I m all ready for you guys to attach wires on me!" she giggled. She then proceed to point me the way to all the places I m suppose to stop by for me to complete my test of the day, 5 stops to be exact thats excluding the trips to washrooms, back to the clinic, cashier and pharmacy. Oh boy ... I m so excited! its like a one day tour kinda thingy.

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My Doc's Clinic

So, there I was hopping from one place to the other being all wired up in each and every room and asked to do silly stuffs, in one of the room (I forgot which particular one, they asked me to breath only with my mouth for like half an hour!!!) then in anoder room they asked me to goto sleep, but they woke me up within half an hour! wah lau eh! make me blur blur man! It wasnt all that fun you know ? below is the picture of some of the "rooms" i visited today .

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After kena so many Electro electro test, no wonder i feel like i got lotsa Electro in me today! I m feeling like a Superhero! call me ELECTROMAN! wha ? its taken ??? DIUZZ!!!!

After all that room hopping, I headed back to my doc's clinic with all the reports for a final debriefing and she told me the results DO NOT look good .... next week kena go back for MRI ... whatever fark that is ... this is the time where you feel your decision to buy medical insurance is the best decision made over the past decade. :)

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Last stop, MANA MAU LARI !!! BAYAR DULU !!!! how much ?? dun ask ....


  1. Oi, dun play-play hor? I pray-pray for you ok?

  2. lu mesti cipat cipat sembuh pulih aiyo

  3. MRI is suppose to be a detail scan on your internal organs.. very boring procedure as you have to lie still in a machine without moving while 3 cameras will rotate around you and snapping photos like you did at Sunway..

    meanwhile... hope you recover from whatever your doctor say that is "don't look good" :)

  4. oi, what happen to you my friend? so many checks. like quite serious like that. keep us updated ok.

  5. Anonymous10:11 am

    eh? you okay o not? hugssss

  6. yeahlor.. like banyak serious like that.. hope u r alrite. take care.

  7. Anonymous12:55 pm

    apasal sakit ni?

  8. yo rojak dude, your jokes are not boring or stupid or sux. It's not the jokes but how you tell it's important, you can convey the atmosphere of the joke, that is the important effect, so keep up the good work.

    Wah, even your hospital visit is like an adventure, you have a very jovial disposition when writing you blog...again keep rojaking.

    Get well soon and recover...dun end up like a rojak...that is not good. Cheers!

  9. my main man! take care ya? we rendevous after your MRI and kap some lui. :D

  10. btw, electroman, got an e-reck-tion or not ah, so not need viagra la.

  11. whatever it is, i hope you're okay.

    mamak when i get back, for real this time. mch.

  12. Anonymous12:27 am

    Rojakman! why so many electro test on you? very pity man ...
    a super hero got test ah?.....
    some more test on MRI...
    i tell you MRI is the best 1 in x-ray things...
    it use magnet to x-ray our body, i been there already... you will here sound clickering all over the place.

    some more you will feel your hair will pull straight up..,

    and more alots more things you will know

    that machine is huge, it looks like a highway tunnel at ipoh but smaller hole at center..
    if you have promblem to get in..., just imagen a pair of sexy wemen legs open wide.. and the center.. you can.. imagen.. he he he...

    it looks like , i had belanja you makan...

  13. Anonymous3:45 pm

    get well soon bro.

  14. 5xmom : err .. too bad u knot burn stuffs for me ler .. if not i will ask for a marsilee! kakaka

    Jx : err ... i also hope so la

    totoro : wuah lu insuran agent ka ? come come i mau add premium lol!

    egghead : wah lau eh ... do i hafta be nekked anot ? shy leh lidat lol

    ahpek : aiyah human is lidat one mah ... sooner or later suma also will lingkup one lol!

    eyen : hehe .. now still ok la .. thanks i lebiu!

    crazygrr| : u faster kambek see me la b4 its too late :P

    frostier : sakit bulu kemaluan WUAHAHAHAH!!!

    cameljoe : wuah ... 1st time got ppl priase my blog like that ... i m so touched! almost wanna cry liow ... *sniff sniff* bcoz of u hor .. i will write till my last breath wan! :P

    belacan : taikor burn me bungalow !!! .. eh wait .. u yeh sow also kan ? aiyahhh knot liow! rugi lar aku lidis!

    butty : hahaha by the time u kambek hor maybe i kat nilai nirwana memorial park liow! lol you kam there visit me la!

    leongkee : wuah kinky !!! u tell it like mri is torturing chamber! kakaka ... thanks alot .. now i m more afraid ledi lol

    elfintrot : wuah future docter ka ?

    surfnux : tenkiu brader! faster kambek!!


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