2 September 2005

Malaysia Own Version of Backstreetboys

This story is inspired by Jxt2J below ....

Back in the 90s, that time Backstreetboys very fehmes. Every ahbeng on the street oso wanna looks like them so at that time got 3 Gayish Ahbeng whois hardcore fans of Backstreetboys, they come together and form a Malaysia version of Backstreetboys, they made their first MTV and it has been selling like hotcakes eversince!

I present to you "THE BACK-SIDE-BOYS" and below is the only MTV they ever made !!

*P.S. ini video i kebas from Jxt2J mia post kat bawah ini lol ....


  1. this is from china one la....

  2. andy : alamak ... tailuk jais ka ? lol i thot ahbengs

  3. lol, their expression damn funny!

  4. i like the fella on the left....so kiuttt.......

  5. Actually 2 fella only wut..... the other one is like "gay sumwhere else lar, dun kacau me play Counter Strike"

  6. j!mmy : Majiam monyet lepas tali itu majiam lol

    pesyensia : itu lu cakap kuit!!! duh~

    eratter : hahaha

  7. wingz, cina ah bengs mar..

    yeahlor.. that fella on the left is so KIUT!!


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