19 September 2005


This story I heard from my frend yesday during our "CHEAP" moon cake, chinese tea round table meeting.

Got this big bank in Amalika, the bank mia plesiden mia secretary manyak chun one. Then one day got one very rich fler (he put a lot n lotsa money in that bank wan. This fler also is the African King and very the hamsup one. macam Wolfy) he come to Amalika and the bank plesidern asked the chun secretary go entertain him abit la. Before that the plesiden alredi warned the lenglui that this African king very the hamsup and suka ask lenglui to marry him one, the plesiden dunwan the lenglui secretary to piss off the hamsup King, “you knot reject him terang terang and make him angry! If not I will fire lu! “ says the plesiden.

The Chun Chick

Abuden the lenglui also bring the king go out sight seing la, den suddenly this King see the lenglui mia ass so chun like watermelon lidat he terus ask “Will you marry me and be my 1,658th wife ?

The African King

Wahlau eh that lenglui panic man! She fast fast think of a way to reject the King but she also knot piss him off one. Then the lenglui said:

Lenglui : I can marry you but you kena gimme a wedding ring that is made with 75 carats diamond with matching 200 carat finest red ruby.

The King paused for a while then he pick up his phone and made several calls. After that he reply the lenglui “OK! OK! No pobem! I have ! I have!

The Ring

"Aiyah! Jialat la!” lenglui said to herself “I must come out with something that is impossible to achieve this time!” then the lenglui say to the king again.

Lenglui : that is only my 1st request, my 2nd request would be, I want you to gimme a 100 storey hotel in the middle of New York as wedding plesen.

Hearing this the King scratch his head abit, pick up his phone and called several brokers in New York and finally said to the lenglui “OK kautim! I just bought the lands where the twin towers used to be on, I build I build!

The Hotel

This time the lenglui sweating ledi, “Die la die la!!! He so terror! Lidis also can kautim!! This time I must make ridiculous request so he will backout by himself !!!! I MUST!!!

Lenglui : Okay, listen! This is my 3rd request. *do the hamsup look*

Lenglui : I must tell you I like sex a lot! And all the while I have been fantasizing about having a husband with 18 inches cock, if you got 18 inches cock then I will marry you!

Aiyoyo!” the king slaps his forehead, “18 inches ?” he asked. He cups his face with his hands and mumbled something in native African language, he took his hands off looking very the stress, he goes into deep thots for like 5 minutes.

The Chun chick thot she got him! She don’t hafta marry the King anymore, she was beginning to feel very happy … as she thot she can get away with it without pissing off anyone and she can keep her job after that.

Den sardenlee this African King shakes his head, looking real sad at the lenglui with tears in his eyes and mucus drooling down his nostrils and said

King : “OKAY OKAY I CUT! I CUT!Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

The "Cut"




  2. Anonymous6:22 pm

    Wah...can cut wan. Can grow back or not? (lilian la, tiu I forget my pw)

  3. Bwahahahahhahahaa!! super long john eh??

  4. selamat hali mooncake oh!

    kakka, ini old mia joke lor! knn!

    mana you ambik ni mia old joke leh!

  5. Awoooo. Cakap I hamsap har...

  6. hahaha... fah hai... how many inches he got to cut?

  7. hehe. african king sure stretch lar after so many wives. lolz.


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