9 September 2005

Letter From LHDN [Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri] Inkam Tax la!

One day got one fler is calling LHDN Trengganu Branch (inkam tax dept la!) his name is ADLY ISMAIL.

This conver took place :

Adly : Boleh mintak tolong hantar aku mia Form B tak ?
LHDN staff : En. Adly boleh kasi kau mia address tak ?
Adly : O.K, just send to Ranhill Worley Sdn Bhd
LHDN staff : How to spell Ranhil?
Adly : "R for Rumah... A for Ayam...N for Nangka...H for Holland...I for Itek...and L for Lain-lain...."
LHDN staff : Ok..we'll send to that address

Skali Adly wait n wait also dint get the letter. 2 month later that letter kena reject back to LHDN. Why ? u goan see for urself lo! the letter kat bawah only.

Thanks to Frostier for the jokes


  1. wakakaa. first here!

    blardy retarded weh. buden, is garblement opis lar, wat tu du?

  2. kakaka...
    blardy stupid ler this inkam tek fella.

  3. wahahahahaha.. damn original!

  4. ishhh... patut la tak sampai!

  5. Anonymous5:23 pm

    Aiyo! HAHAHAHHAHAH...omfg..I'm rolling on the floor man! HAHAHAHAH. Damn. that's just soo funny dude!

  6. aaaamende tU!

    mch bodo sial!

  7. like that also can ... pengsan

  8. Ayam itek cakap itu maciam la. LOL!

  9. AHahhahaha...aiyo, tak tahan beb. That is just so freaking funny man!

  10. this comment for your previous post.

    Old man like me where got play with MSN somemore. I told you to use the e-mail in my profile isn't it? you never read my reply one meh? diuuu..


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