15 September 2005

Gua Kanna Tag Sama n305er

I wont do this normally but today i m felt a bit lame therefore I feel like doing it.

Eh, this meme created Yvy . CMOS Taged n305er, n305er tagged me! So here goes ....

Seven things you plan to do before you die :
1.Open my own chain of Wantan Noodle Fast Food and call it McWanToon
2.Treat every blogging dad go ohkau with AhPek
3.Have Dinner with Bush and Osama on the same table either peacefully or pissed-fully
4.Build cheap setinggan house around KL tower for the banglas to stay in.
5.Watch a porn movie starring only William Hung and Paultan
6.Be a useless selfish bum that sits around doing nothing but eats n watch TV.
7.World Piss.

Seven things I could do :
1.Sleep more
2.Torture more people
3.Blog more crappy post
4.Make more people happy
5.Migrate to anoder country
6.Cut down ciggies
7.Look for wife no.2

7 Celebrity crushes :
1.Teresa Theng
2.Lim Ching Siah
3.Sandy Lam
4.Charmaine Sieh
5.Sonia Kwok
6.Mihiro (pornstar)
7.Chaterine Zeta Jones

7 often repeated words :

7 physical traits I look for in the opposite sex :
1.Big boobs like PeNNyPupZ
2.Sexy body like Catherine Zeta Jones
3.Slutty like Mihiro
4.Lips like Szu Qi
5.Legs like Cameron Diaz
6.Ass like Drew Barrymore
7.Cibai like Furong Jiejie (WUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!)

7 tags goes to:
1.George Bush
2.Osama Bin Ladin
3.William Hung


  1. Oui,
    how you know Pennypupz tualiap? you intai her in shower izzit? buahahahaa

  2. Anonymous12:56 am

    porn with William Hung in it? Shiok meh?

  3. Wah lau. suka Mihiro ah? notti notti. Second wife summore ah? You really want meh? Kekeke

  4. Anonymous8:43 am

    wadafarkk.. nonsense la uuuuuuu

    mob : nono.. ish ;p

  5. the sister furong's cheebai you got see before ah?

  6. You are my inspiration! Paultan and William Hung had me laughing since yesterday.

  7. Anonymous1:00 pm

    walao your meme 18sx one man!!! hhaahahaha!!

  8. Anonymous3:41 pm

    wei....not i create one leh!!! sian, kena setup liow. die lar..sure die wan now. sigh. :P

  9. mob1900 : got laaa ... kih kih kih~

    simmie : you ever watch a retard acting in porn b4?lol

    ahwolf : mihiro = fresh flesh !!! lol 2nd wife pulak .. looking only .. not buying kakakaka!

    lober : i lebiu~

    Ahpek : i tell u har .. if sister Furong flash to me her cibai, i m gonna dig my eyes out with my own barehand ... i rather go blind! kakakaka!

    5xmom : wah lau eh ... so now i bcome inspiration to celebrity bloggers ledi la .. WOOOHHHOO!!! lidat i can be pro blogger liow!~

    Simon : eh tarak rules saying this meme knot be 18SX ler

    yvy : hahah DIE!!! wait later the creator come after your ass lol


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