25 November 2007

Wingz Can Cook - Roti Goreng Rojakz / Rojakz Toast

Yes ... I can cook! Those who are new to this blog prolly dunno bout it yet bcoz it has been quite awhile since I made this kinda post .... furthermore its weekend and I am just freaking lazy to drive to anywhere .. therefore i decided to cook. I really dont have any idea what i wanna cook today, so obviously the first thing to do is to dig the fridge for anything thats suitable for me to make a decent meal.

I found white bread, canned green peas, canned baked beans, sliced cheese, eggs, ketchup, some minced beef etc etc ....

With all that and also with the company of Micheal Buble singing in the background I created Roti Goreng Rojakz a.k.a The Rojakz Toast! A simple, healthy and most importantly cheap to make family blekfas fit for all Ahbeng and Ahlians alike!!!

First Lets take a look at the ingredients, dont have to be precise ok? no measuring required .... everything is "to taste"


You will need the following :
  1. Roti / Bread (sliced one of coz)
  2. Eggs (one egg per slice of bread)
  3. Butter for pan fry (olive oil or regular palm oil also can)
  4. Salt and pepper to taste
  5. Herbs as per your likings but i suggest parsley or spring onions/shallots and onions.
  6. Minced beef or chicken or pork you could even use ham or bacon if you have it.
  7. A mug or glass for making a hole in the middle of the bread. Up to you to make watever farking shape you want also can la! not necesarily must be round one what? I used a wine glass.
  8. Non Stick teflon Coated pan (Note : - if you dunch habe non stick teflon coated wok then u might as well forget it ok? you gonna burn 9 the bread and the eggs and it will stick on the the wok and you gonna curse 9 me for spoiling your blekfas! so dun say i neber warn you ah! )

The Sauce
  1. Canned bake beans, canned or frozen green peas
  2. Ketchup (Tomato sos la!)
  3. Ground beef or chicken or pork or watever meat you can get your hands on.
  4. Salt, sugar and pepper to taste

Method :

1. Get yourself a piece of bread and place it on a flat surface (chopping board would be very useful if yours is still flat la! I seen some chopping board got a hole so big onnit you can even hide a chicken inside!)

2. Then you use that glass (whatever shape your is) to make a hole in the middle on the piece of bread. I used a wine glass to make a round shape in the middle of the roti. Remember to press kaw-kaw so that the shape is cut out nicely.

3. Your bread should look like this if you do it correctly ... if not then do again lor! Do not throw away the "center piece" of the bread ok? you will need it later on.

4. Heat your pan with low heat (minimum if can) place a small amount of butter onnit just to test whether you pan is hot enuff anot .... you could also use your finger to test the temperature if you dont mind the pain ok? It helps to wake you up if you still half awake! LOL!

5. Place your cuttED bread on the pan and place small amount of butter into the center hole you cutted out just now. While waiting for the butter to melt you can crack an egg into a small bowl and get ready to pour the egg into the center hole once the butter meltED.

Why crack the egg onto the bowl first? well if your kungfu is good enuff you can actually crack the egg onto the pan directly ... but if your kungfu is not powderful enuff then you might break the yolk and the whole thing will look fugly when you are done.

Must always remember this ... a good food will not only taste good but it has to look good too! At least good enuff to make them wanna eat it right?

6. Pour your egg onto the hole and make sure the heat is at its minimum or your bread and egg will be burnt and instead of making Roti Goreng Rojaks you would be making Roti Goreng Africa!

Right after your poured your egg you should season it right away with a small pinch of salt and pepper.

You could choose to turn both side of the bread if you like your bread to be throughly toasted, as for me I only wanted one side of the bread to be toasted.

Keep the heat low and cook the egg to your liking. Some peeple would actually prefer to have the yolk uncooked, so its entirely up to your liking ... just hafta watch the heat thats all. Should be simple enuff la ... if lidat also u can screw it up then you really shouldnt cook anymore!

7. When the egg is cooked to your liking, at this point you could place a piece of sliced cheese on top on the bread covering up the egg. In low heat cook till the cheese melts. The cheese should looks abit puffy when its done.

Can springkle abit of parsley, spring onions, ham or salty bacon bits at this point of time whatever you put onto the cheese will kinda sink into the cheese once its melted. Again, whatever you put onto the cheese at this point of time is entirely to your liking also.

8. Remembered the "center piece" we took out in "step 2 & 3" just now? Well ... if you havent eat it yet .. its a good time to take it out and place it on top of the melted cheese. This piece is very important to help hold up the sauce because without it .. the sauce will melt into the cheese and the whole thing will collapse.

After you are done with these bread then place it aside ... we gotta make some sauce for our spesel toast rite? Kids love sauce you know? Dun say kids la ... I myself also love sauce! lol

The Sauce :

Sorry ... i dint take any photos while I am making the sauce because I forgot that I am suppose to post it up as an entry! MCH! age is catching up la! what you expect? lol!

Anyway the sauce is fairly simple la! (this is actually adapted from spaghetti sauce)

  1. Drain all excess water from your green peas and get those baked beans outta can.
  2. heat your pan with 2 tablespoon of cooking oil then throw in chopped onions and fry them for a good 10 seconds under medium heat.
  3. throw in the rest of the stuffs, namely .... Ketchup, baked beans, green peas, ground meat, shallots, salt, sugar and pepper to taste. (sugar is used to reduce the sourness in the ketchup)
  4. You are pretty much done with the sauce .... unless you wanna add something else in there.
  5. Its important that you do not add any water into the sauce, you want the sauce to be thick so it will be kinda sticky and could stand up by its own. Furthermore if the sauce is too watery .. it will turn your toast soggy and the toast will lose its crunchiness.
Take a good spoonful of the sauce and put it on top of the "center-piece"bread that you gorengED just now. And after you are done doing that .. it should looks something like the pic below ... if not ... i think you better goan call for pizza delivery la since nobody gonna eat your stuffs anyway lol!

From the top

From the side

Layers cross-section

Roti Goreng Rojakz a.k.a. The Rojakz Toast a simple, colorful, tasty, crunchy and healthy blekfas for the entire family! The kids will like this one, mine did! he whacked 5 pcs!

You taken your blekfas yet?

Thats all the time we have today! tune in again next time for anoder episode of Wingz can cook!

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  1. wahh Mr rojaks can cook wor......hahaha teach me teach me. Whats ur fav dish??

  2. farking nice la..will try it!!haha
    thanks wingz!

  3. :D~~~

    huahhh saliva pun keluar!!!

  4. Nabeh! Like that can have open house during CNY next year lar. I sure come and bring empty tupperware to ur house. Why? Apa lagi ? Ta pau lar.............

  5. Wah; wingz really can cook!
    And it looks delicioussss! XD

  6. ms piggy : my fav dish? i derno what is my fav dish also ... i pretty much cook according to my mood one. I like fusion tho.

    law : try ledi lemme know whether u like it anot kay? must lemme know ah!

    julieann : haha no nid saliva kluar ler ... easy to make oni .. u also can make for your ahbeng waht? lol

    arina : wah lau eh! u my sifu sommo u mau bring tupperware?!!! u bring food come my house more like it la!

    chingy : yea i leehly can cook wan! no bruff you wan! i no hire ppl to cook wan geh! lol

  7. wah..not bad for a lafu cook..i lazy to cook sauce..just put in cheese..bacon..egg..for sons...


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