14 November 2007

Cuci Mata Wednesdei

Due to Popular Demand next time every Wednesdei I kasi taruk cuci mata post chun anot?!!

Why Wednesdei? Becoz Wednesdei dem 9 cham la! Wednesdei is in the middle .. neither here nor there! Weekend also no yet .... monday also baru over 2 days ago only .... So i think Wednesdei is the day where we need most encouragements and motivation wan!

So i hereby declare all Wednesdei is cuci mata day!!!

Nah cuci your mata la! But remember ... all hands on desk when u viewing this post ok? dont let your hands wanders beneath the desk!! Danger!!!

Ok ok to make it simple I kamout with Rojaks 6 dont do when viewing Cuci Mata Day Post!

  1. Dont let your hands wanders below the desk.
  2. If you have heart attack pls dont proceed.
  3. If you not as hamsap as Linpeh, then pls do not proceed.
  4. Do not take Viagra before viewing this post, Tongkat Ali also kenot! If take ledi dun proceed ... I sked later u lau bei huet!
  5. Others proceed under own risk.
  6. Click on the images for a larger pikture.

Come to papa~~

OMG!!! her legssss ....

How i wish this pic is taken from a different angle!!!!

*Lau bei huet ledi*

Pak Suet Suet Wart Luet Luet!!!

Oi! Kambek!!! Dun go toilet!!!

Eh wet ledi!!! Come! korkor wipe wipe for you!

*korkor why your zip pecah ledi one geh?*

I wanna be the door you are leaning against!

Wah lau eh! Sebijik like those anime mia character!

wuah so white!! so smooth!!!

Muimui bend lower leh!!! korkor want see!!!

Thats all for this week! Tune in again next week for more!!!

Honestly .. got any horny farkers wet their pants anot?!!! LOL!


  1. wuah lan memang maciam anime character la! i also turned on!

  2. Lin peh where got humsap ? Now Lin Peh post all intelekchual la !

  3. Tq! Tq! Tq! So very very very much! Very very good pic! Luckily working alone today! My 'bro' already standing up so I have to sit down!
    Have a nice day!!!

  4. later the gomen come shut u down... hahaha...

  5. wahhh......don't tell me ahem!! converting to some xxx blog ar? ahahaha

  6. wah lau ehh. the picture making me stim sia. nxt time pls at least tell they are pornstar or not, i go download, haha

    p.s 1st time leave comment. great blog n great sense of humour =}

  7. so unfair, why cater only for male readers? show the females some attention wei~~~

  8. Careful lor... later kena block in UAE then susah... haha

  9. lau bei huet lau bei huet!!!


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