22 November 2007


Wanna know where got latest terrorist happening? check out this Website! its called Global Incident Map displaying the latest terrorist party around the world! Thanks to Linpeh becoz hes farking free ... he goan find this kinda things to keep himself entertained!

This morning while having blekfas i realised got one pair of eyes "kap" 9 me eat .... at first I thot got fansee can recognise me la ... i tell myself "Wahlau eh! I so fehmes la!" then I pretend cool lidat dunwan look that side and continue to eat my wantan mee.

After 5 minutes lidat i can feel the same fler still "kap" 9 me .... that time abit uneasy ledi ... why he still notchet come ober ask for my authograph wan geh? MCH!!! I Rojaks wor! I so Fehmes wor! Faster kam over and get my autograph la!!! faster kam over and tell me how my blog rawks la!!!

anoder 5 minits passed and still he habent come over ... I beh tahan ledi ... dunwan act cool ledi .... i turn my head and see who is that basket keep "kap" 9 me wan ... this is what i saw ...


MCH!!! that fler wear his sunglasses terbalik!!! sommo botak wan!!! Kanneh! no wonder I felt like someone is "kap"-ing me la!!!! Diu lor .... Perasan sial!!! MCH at that point of time i really feel like wanna dig a hole and jump innit myself!

Next time dun wear sunglasses lidat can anot??!!! Dun luff!!!

On anoder incident ... yesday I post up this image :


And I challenged readers with balls to print it out and stick it to their cubicles or monitor or anywhere where their boss can see it and guessed what?



This fler got balls! this fler stick it big big where the boss can see it! lets hope the boss cant read for fark sake! lol

One fler took the challenge! and she dont even have balls! who is she? Shes working as a telephone operator for those lonely line ... you know? when you are lonely ... u pickup the phone and call them .. then they will say to you "korkor you lonely anot jek? come! muimui company you!" those kind la! U dun belif me? U see her pic yourself lor!

Hiao anot??!! Can tahan anot??!!

See? see? got talent anot??!!! kakakaka!!! who want tok to her fast fast call 600-173-173 now!!! each minit charge is RM99 only!!! OR if you are as broke as me .... you can goto her BLOG for some free view geh! LOL


  1. i am so free today wor....no need to work already....thanks to your note!! I lose my job!! ahahha....

  2. The tellelist web site teller leh ? HAHA!

  3. i stuck the notes 4 years ago when i was pissed with my boss on all his never ending changes on my work.


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