15 November 2007

Million Lollar Pose!

Nah! You girls/women/aunties keep complaining i not fair ... only put girls piktures ... tarak put guys piktures for u all to cuci mata ... how to surf for guys mia piktures la! I straight one leh! You expect a lurus guy goan surf for other guys mia pics??? OMFGBBQ la!!!

But for all my girls/women/aunties readers out there ... I dunwan dissapoint lu all la! I dunwan you all say I not fair wan! I very fair wan ok?!!! I got use Fair & lafuly wan!!!

Ladies and Aunties ... I introduce to you .... MY BRA-der AhDale!!!

*I cute anot??!!!*

Not only hes my BRA-der, hes also single and available! wait ... then again .... he got this imaginary gf ... so .... lidat still counts as still single ar??!! .....

Anyway for you girls out there ... you can try you luck one geh!! Email me if you want his number wokeh?!!!

He aint heavy ... hes my BRA-der!!


  1. hahaha wow!! sexy wor......nice pose :p

  2. =.='

    next time i go out with Wingz, better bring paper bag.

  3. Wakaka, frostier. Be careful of wingz' camera :P

  4. When I come back sure will cubit his face hard hard... damn cute la! LOL

  5. eh!!!! i see apartment chairs. you went to the apartment!!!!!!

    and dale is my lelaki simpanan la.


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