19 November 2007

Why Your Boss Should Allow Alcohol in Workplace

Hello Monday!!! I m not gonna lie to you ok? your monday gonna sucks as bad as mine! Everybody's Monday sucks thats the golden rule in life lol!

Lets tok about workplace today, have you ever ask yourself why they never allow you to drink during working hour in your opis? Seriously ... there is more pros than cons if drinking were allowed in workplace! No shit you wan! Lemme teech you how to convince your boss on allowing alcohol in opis!

  1. It's an incentive to show up - Just imagine ... going to work is like going to party lidat! shiok anot?!!
  2. It reduces stress - the more you stress the more you hantam ... the more u hantam, the less stress!
  3. It leads to more honest communications. - You want them to tell you the truth ... 1st you gotta make them high!!
  4. It reduces complaints about low pay. - High ledi they wont be conscious enuff to worry about their pathetic pay mah!
  5. It helps save on heating costs in the winter - this dont works in Mareysia ok? oni works in Amadika and other country like them.
  6. It encourages carpooling - haha who wanna be caught DUI? suma dun wanna drive or they take PUBIC transportation thus less polution thus good for the enbiroment la!!!
  7. Increases job satisfaction because if you have a bad job you don't care - if you not happy with your job u drink more! the mre u drink the more u will discover how meaningful your job is! lol!
  8. It eliminates vacations because people would rather come to work. - They will be so broke they wont have chance to save enuff money to go holidei wan! They will slave their ass for you!
  9. It makes fellow employees look better - Yea .... sometime after a few drink I also got feel I m as hansem as Chow Yuen Fatt also! Sometime my fugly kolek also bekam prettier after a few glass lol!
  10. It makes the canteen food taste better - no doubt bout it!
  11. If something does something stupid on the job, it will be quickly forgotten - This one is very the true .... everyone is so wasted they dont give a fark what you did or done also! Good on your resume too!!!
If you presents all the above pros to your boss with a straight face I am sure he will agree with you too! If he dun agree then the problem must be you!! try find a new job and see if you can do better anot ok? LOL!!

Do you think beer company allows their employees to drink while working anot ar? If they do then I wanna work for them leh!

P.S. : If u kena fire dun come find me ok?!!!!


  1. Me too! over here su*cky Moanday!! But I now look forward to westerday! Oh! My boss is a lady wan! She don't drink so how to presuade her to allow drinking in opis???
    Have a nice day!

  2. actually if u work in beer company i.e. Guiness Stout, they do give their staff drink beer for free!!

    last time got 1 colleague of mine work there 1. he said everyday after work u can go drink as much as u wan. no probrem!!! but that's AFTER working hours lar... kekekekeke...

    Good one. Although I'm not working, this is certainly an interesting post.
    Keep it up. :)

  4. oi u ponteng blogging the whole weekend ok. dun try to act innocent like its no big deal har!

    faster compensate wif some erotic or cuti mata post. i'll boycott by not tfk until u comly to my claim


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