5 November 2007

Ahbeng New Marsilee

Ahbeng kena loteri ledi first prize straight goan buy New Marsilee and drive to show off to Ahlian (the girl he courting)

Ahlian werking in eLL-Wee in Star Hill there so Ahbeng also park his car in front of eLL-Wee there la! Ahbeng then got down of his car and walk into eLL-Wee shop so ngam Ahlian at the front door.

Then Ahbeng Said to Ahlian :

Ahbeng : I park my marsilee here ok? I want buy eLL-Wee bag. Later i come take my new car ok?
Ahlian : Wuah Ahbeng you got new marsilee!!! ok ok I watch your new Marsilee for you. You go buy eLL-Wee bag la!

So .. Ahbeng go in the eLL-Wee store walk walk, look see, look see .... then suddenly Ahlian Call out loud loud to him.

Ahlian : Ahbeng!!! Ahbeng!!!
Ahbeng : What? what??!!
Ahlian : Ahbeng! Someone drive away your New Marsilee leh!!!
Ahbeng : HAR??!!! WHAT??!!! WHY YOU NO STOP THEM??!!!
Ahlian : They very fast!!! they *kacat-kacat* lidat alredi got into your New Marsilee then *kacat-kacat* lidat drive away your new marsilee ledi.
Ahbeng : Aiyooooo!!!! How now??!!! Jialat la!! my new Marsilee!!! Boh liao la!!!!
Ahlian : Eh ... Ahbeng dont worry ok?
Ahbeng : How dont worry??!!! NEW MARSILEE LEH!!!
Ahlian : They wont get away wan ... trust me ok?
Ahbeng : Har? You got anything you havent tell me yet?
Ahlian : Hehe ... Ahbeng you so cleber!
Ahbeng : Can you tell me now?
Ahlian : Just now hor ... they driving away that time hor .... I so smart leh! I took down the Plate Number leh!! now we can go report polis and with this plate number sure can catch them one!
Ahbeng :


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