2 November 2007


Do you know what is Asshair?

Do you even know of their existance?

Have you ever care for them?

Do you know that asshair is very useful? they provides :

1. Insulation, so that your buttcheeks dont gets to stick together when you sweat
2. When you buttcheek sick together long long, they will create this vacumm space in between you crack ... and if you try to fart at this point .... the fart will be trapped between your crack.
3. Ventilation, they help your buttcheeks to stay apart thus providing ventilation for evaporation to works to dry you buttcrack.

Add yet noone ever gives a damn about them? Well ... not anymore!!!

Not till this morning .... what if i telling you that from now on your asshair will be taken care of by spesel kinda hair saloon?

I no bruff you wan geh! I discovered this new kinda saloon that will take care of your asshair so you dont have to worry about them anymore! See for yourself!

See? What else do you want me to say? LOL! Next time anyone wanna name their business ... better ask for opinion first ler!


  1. it always happen. i've seen lotsa shop.. GOI CHOR MENG~!

  2. lol asshair design saloon.. specialize in designing the style of asshair. :P

  3. check this out that I found in Puchong..oso quite the derrrrr lor!

  4. check this out that I found in Puchong..oso quite the derrrrr lor!



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