8 November 2007

Getting Paid While Hosting your Images for Free?

This is Not a Sponsored Post!! This is a No Pay Per Post!


Few days back when I was having coffee with this millionaire entrepreneur (LP) and he told me something that I wanna share with you all.

Me : You working on what project now?
LP : I m working on a new internet project.
Me : Wuah! What project is that?
LP : You a blogger rite? Blogger got post lotsa piktures one rite?
Me : So ?
LP : What if I tell you that I can let you host your piktures for free?
Me : Most of us is already using free hosting what? nothing spesel also.
LP : OK ... what if i am telling you that we will pay you to host your piktures with us plus unlimited bandwidth for your piktures?
LP : We are known as PICSPAY.COM not only we will host your piktures with unlimited bandwidth and storage for free but we will also pay you to host your piktures with us!
Me : WOW!! Its a first one man!!
LP : Yea! The more peeple view your piktures the more we gonna pay you!
Me : OK say no more! Where I go register?
LP : Goto PICSPAY.COM but thats not all of it! There is more!
Me : How much more?
LP : haha! About 10% more!
Me : HAR?? why 10%?
LP : Well thats for referrals, if you introduce other users to sign up picspay then we will give you 10% of their earnings.
Me : 10% and there is no limit on how many i coudl refer?
LP : Yea ... basically thats correct but now we are in beta stage so registration is only open for the first few hundreds users only.
Me : OK OK! Lemme go blog about it and let my readers knows before all the few hundreds spots is taken up!

Now .. you tell me ..... Lidis, Mana mau cari?
  1. You get to host your piktures for free with unlimited bandwidth and storage space!
  2. You will also be paid to host your piktures!
  3. You will get to create your own album.
  4. If you refer someone you can get 10% referrals commisions.
All that for free and yet you will be paid! Seriously ... mana mau cari man?!

Dun wait wait! Register now! Limited opening available! Click PICSPAY.COM to register!


  1. I want..!!! I want..

    I click on your referral k..

    Belanja me teh tarik laa rojak..!!

  2. Wah Lau eh...u compete with lin peh to recruit "Ma Chai" ? So far U brapa recruited liao ? Lin Peh got about 35 saja :-(

  3. wahhh......interesting wor!!

  4. i join liow too lor!!! :D now my turn to spread the news eh? ;))

  5. lol. give u free referral lah... Since its not gonna do me any harm why not?? Now i'm gonna spread the news... haha..


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