29 November 2007

Ahbeng Go Pishing

Long time no tell lame Ahbeng joke ledi, partly also becoz of me Ahbeng joke too popular ledi and everyone been telling them so I thot why dont take a break from Ahbeng since hes getting too fehmes ledi but after long long no tell Ahbeng joke I very the miss Ahbeng la! So here kams anoder Ahbeng joke!!!

Ahlian : Ahbeng where u going?
Ahbeng : I go pishing
Ahlian : Har? pishing again? I thot u gave up pishing ledi? the last time u go pishing you dint catch a shit and you swear dunwan pishing ledi wan wor ....
Ahbeng : I plomise lu this time I will catch some pish one! If i dont catch anything I will quit!
Ahlian : You say wan har! Dun bruff me har!
Ahbeng : I wont bruff you wan! If i bruff my kkc will kena curse till kenot stand!
Ahlian : EEEKKK!!! why say lidat worrr
Ahbeng : Abuden? I dunwan bruff you mahh! ok lar i go pishing la!

Ahbeng also drive to deep deep rural kampung area and sit by the lake and start casting his line la .... he sit there whole afternoon under the blardee hot sun but after 5 hours ... dont say fish la, ikan bilis also kenot catch! Sommo its getting dark ledi ... so no choice ... like it anot he kena go home ledi or else he wont be able to find his way back to the car once it turn dark.

While driving bek he remembered his plomise to Ahlian ..... "Aiyah! mch! If i dont catch any pish I kenot go pishing anymore! how can lidis?!!!"

So while on the way back he stop by the pasar malam looking for his regular fish monger Maniam ....

Ahbeng : Wuah Maniam!!! Dei!! I so happy to see you! How diwali? ada best?
Maniam : Taukeh ! long time no see man! Diwali misti chun lar taukeh!
Ahbeng : Maniam lu gibe me this 3 tilapia pish .... please throw to me ok? You throw and I catch!
Maniam : Dei! Taukeh ... you got eat wrong medicine ka? Why ask me to throw the fish at you la?
Ahbeng : you dont care la! I dunwan bruff my wife ... I told her I will catch some pish bring back one ... so i kenot break my plomise.
Maniam : OH ... boss lidat solila ... today tarak tilapia fish.
Ahbeng : What tarak? then this is what pish? you bruff me izzit? dei you want die anot?
Maniam : Taukeh I say tarak means tarak la! You take siakap la! Today siakap fish very fresh ... i cheap cheap give you ok?
Ahbeng : Why Siakap pish? I want tilapia la!
Maniam : err ... just now your wife Ahlian got come .... she told me if see you come buy fish ... ask you to buy siakap becoz she got bored eating tilapia ledi la!

Ok .. those who love to go pishing one ... any of you done this before anot?? Dun bruff ok?


  1. kelian ah beng la..
    kelian ah lian oso...
    bored with tilapia...


  2. hahaha........... that is a good ahbeng joke. Luckily my man tarak pishisng one. The only pish he know is char bor. LOL. Woi! U sudah call the Rocker chor mei? How to deliver to you - awaiting for ur instruction.

  3. why ah beng just go to pish at rented pishing pond?

    that lagi senang


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