12 November 2007

Papa ... can you write in the dark?

One evening Ahbeng asked his fader this question ....

Ahbeng : Papa, can you write in the dark anot?
Papa : Can! Papa expert for doing things in the dark wan! Dont belif you ask your mum la! lol!
Ahbeng : Then if i switch off the the lights now you also can write la?
Papa : Of coz!
Ahbeng : Ok I got switch off the light now.

*Ahbeng Switch Light Off*

Papa : Ok ... light off ledi, where you want me to write?
Ahbeng : Here Papa ... just sign the report card for me can ledi!


  1. Ah Beng is sipeh smart. I will try to send you the cake with the batang in few days time and let's see how it work out lar. Ada pecah kah, ada come out extra thing kah.............. hahaha.

  2. I should use this trick when I was a kid... ishhhhh!

  3. hahaha good one!! reminds me of my childhood days. Used to wake my dad up 5am in the morning to sign my report card when i don't score well enough :p

  4. nice 1.. I should have tried that trick earlier. Now too late d :P


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