20 November 2007

Raid on Drugs Dealer Houz

WARNING : If you were caught selling or distributing or transporting drugs in Malaysia, you will be hang! This is not a post to promote drugs pushing! This post is just to let you know why people is risking their life altho they know eventually they will be caught.

So why does people still wanna risk their life dealing with drugs? Prolly its because the bigger the risk the greater the return?

These photos below were taken during a raid on a drug dealer's house.

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What looks like lego in the photo above is actually hard cash (USD and EURO) piles and piles of them! Anyone wanna guess how much money in there in the photo above? The closest guess will win a 3Days 2 Nites stay in the state prison! KAKAKAKA!!

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Another suitcase filled with USD, these are prolly the spare change compared to the pile of cash in the photo above.

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They ran outta space to store those cash, so what they did .. they emptied their closet .. throw out their clothes and filled the closet with cash!!!

Click on the photo for a larger image

More money than you can imagine!!! Prolly more than i could make in my entire life!

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And you need guns .... to protect those moneyssssssssssss!!!!

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Still with all that money and guns and drugs ... all those are useless in prison ok? So why risk it? Imagine you have all the money you could possible have but yet you cant spend it ... whats the point?? Dem farking ironic innit?

Big tenkiu to my lenglui Idol Gracie for these piktures!

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