13 November 2007

Million Dollar Smile

Have you ever seen a smile this cute?


Not everyday you get to see a smile lidis ... her name is Chloe and she said when she look at this pic she felt like punching her own face.

To me ... this is what I call a million Dollar smile! You got any million dollar smile piktures to share? Email to rojaks.wingz@gmail.com and I will post them up here.


  1. Wah! Her smile very beautiful leh! BTW tomorrow is westerday! Any more cuci mata post!! If got better pic I will also 'cuci bawah'!!Tq tq in advance! He! He!
    Have a nice day!

  2. i post yr picture rite...i bet got hundreds of million dolar smile xD ahahahha

  3. this is call million dollar smile, uncle...???? .... T_T ...... .. you sounds like the other way round o.....


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