20 January 2007

Let The War Begin! See You In Court!

If you still derno what is happening yet, then please google for it, there must be 1,678,537 blogs that talked about this issue prior to my post here.

I am more worried about the aftermath or rather the judgement of this law suit. If the big guys won this round then you all better be sked!!! Be very very sked!!!

You see, most bloggers are individuals and if you compares the size and wealth between a blogger and a big corporation its like comparing an elephant to a bacteria. They can turn our life upside down with just one sneeze. Lidat how to fight right anot?

In Chinese we got a saying that goes lidis one "They bring Chickens no problem, we bring soya sauce also can die"

From now on it will be more and more difficult to be a blogger already, everytime you mentioned something that someone dont like they will send you loyar letter.

It really doesnt matter whether you are telling the truth anot as long as they boh song, even if its your personal opinion but they will claim that your personal opinion destroyed their goodwill and they will sue you for defamation.

Lets say u goto this fast food restaurant and you tried their new barger then after that u go home and blogged bout it "This new barger by XXX sucks!" Thats your personal opinon rite? WRONG! Why? Because they BIG la! they got morney to employ loyarssss!!!! Blow ah?!!

Blogging just got alot harder ..... maybe its time to quit huh? perhaps look for a new hobby like keeping goldfish and become a Goldfish Uncle ....... Lisan would prolly loves that idea! ... rite anot Lisan?!!!


  1. Anonymous6:55 pm

    I would be more worried bacteria than elephant in medical situation.

    I feel sorry for those who got sued.

    serisouly...this is a real world. got money means BIG, no money means sh*t!

  2. Better sked now than sked later. At least our children knew we aint going down without a faight!

  3. Anonymous7:49 pm

    Where did you hear that Chinese saying wan? Haha...

  4. Anonymous8:17 pm

    dont know y these ppl needs to go so anal.no such thing as freedome of speech?

  5. Anonymous8:23 pm

    yeah..time to change hobby liao!

  6. Anonymous8:46 pm

    Sked what lah, tiu. Free curry rice, free lodging, no need to work....semua paid for, no tax oso. Gud wut.

    Somemore hor, Satam Hoisin died already so he cannot sue you for your rock, scissor post which is all over Friendster.

  7. Anonymous10:59 pm

    I think we bloggers should setup a committee against the lawsuit, funded by ads incomes, esp. 5xmom Rojaks Kahsoon LiewCF and all those bloggers with big USD pockets.

  8. Yes Rojak, I also damn blady sked

  9. lu jangan find excuse arh Wingz!!!

  10. Anonymous4:11 am

    sigh it's so hard to be a blogger nowadays... this cannot, that cannot.. if we blog our honest and harmless opinions of something, the bigwigs and bigshots are afraid the words will influence others and affect them.. susah man.. after that they make a huge fuss out of everything...sigh

  11. Anonymous5:38 am

    u better no flame me, or else i serve u dafamation suit then u know

  12. Anonymous7:34 am


    even being a blogger is so tough. Whatever happened to freedom of speech man..?

    Anyway.. these people.. big shots -- got money.. can do whatever they like. Just hope the courts can throw out their case.

    "The court cannot believe that this case has been brought on to waste our time. Case dismissed"

  13. gold fish uncle is good what, like me.

    muimuijai, hui bin ar? suk suk dai lei tai gum yu hou mou?

    damn, I must learn that in Japanese!!

  14. You better wash your ass clean clean and stand by to go pudu (or was it kajang ?) LOL!

  15. Anonymous3:06 pm

    Another chinese saying goes like this "If there's no wind how come got ombak?" Haih...

  16. Anonymous3:52 pm

    Fuck them lar..janji we dun step on their tail too hard jadi d...

  17. Anonymous10:49 pm

    hahah it's pudu.... kajang still not too bad ler, i think...pudu is the one that's horrible... when u take the monorail that time rite, you get the bird's eye view of what the prison is like...really sad man..

  18. OIKS. i like ONE Goldfish nia.
    not every gold fish aso sukak punya.

    woi. you SARDENLY only add that bottom part there. CHEATING SIAL.


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