29 June 2009

You Want me to Dissapear for 3 days?

One Ahbeng who had a very fierce wife one day decided that he had enuff of her! So ngam that day is payday … instead of handing over his entire pay to her … he took his pay and blanja his braders yum sings and spent it all.

When he is down to his last few ringgits he went home to face his wife … his wife Ahlian freaked out when she knew what Ahbeng did and she scolded him for a few hours before she managed to calm down …. She then try to have a conversation with his husband Ahbeng ….

Ahlian : You very hate me izzit?
Ahbeng : err .. no …
Ahlian : If you very hate me … then would you like me to disappear for 3 days anot?
Ahbeng : Yes please!

After that being said … Ahlian immediately disappeared from his sight … 1st day went by with Ahlian no where in sight … 2nd and 3rd day also same …

By the 4th day …. The swelling subsided a little just enuff where Ahbeng can see a blurr shadow of Ahlian at the korner of his right eye…..

kakakakaka!!! the moral of the story is? .... bring home your paycheck!!!

p.s. : nope the Ahbeng mentioned above is not me!! NOT ME OK?!!!


  1. Anonymous5:47 pm

    sure will 'bring' home,after 1 hour at home..GO out spend it LOL

  2. eh...damn freaky lor...

  3. good one seefu!hahaha

  4. Huh? I don't get the last part. How did AhLian disappear? Did she punch Ahbeng in the eye then Ahbeng can't see her for 3 days?

  5. thanks for your nightmare fuel...
    you made my day XD


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