5 June 2009

3 New Sony Alpha DSLR A500 A550 and A800 coming soon!

Rumors been flying across the internet that Sony will be launching 3 more new DSLRs soon!

This time it will be the A800 (said to be the successor of A700) A500 & A550 (newly added category, there wasnt any 5 series in the Sony Alpha lineup previously)

While there is no official news from Sony themselves, rumors had it the new A800 will be packed with WIFI, (this feature is very much welcome for the ease of photo transfers in my opinion) Higher Megapixels, better iso control, live view and tilt-able LCD screen, higher fps, new internal flash, more auto focus points and probably an improved focusing motor.

Wherelse thing are quite tightly sealed with the A500 and A550, other than its boasting a 17.2 Megapixels user is guessing its a A350 with bigger megapixels and a video recording function.

Personally i think they wont be any bling bling fancy colors with the new models as these are aimed at different segment of the market.

Anyway, its too early to tell whats Sony having up their sleeves now ... lets just wait and see!

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  1. A800 is interesting, hope the rumour is true. : )

  2. Time to upgrade lor bro... get the A800!!! Hehehe

  3. What is the view finder coverage? 100% ?


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