16 June 2009

Best Ad Of the Year 2009

I think nowadays ads dem lack of substance ledi .... how many time u actually see ads that is not trying to sell anything to you but rather motivates u instead? Why izzit always have to be selling, selling n selling? what about human well being? owning stuffs does not means u is good ok? The more stuffs u have the more rotten u r! U have to be rotten bcoz of all the blardee things u kena do to earn all that $ LOL!

Ok ok... thats not my point ... my point is .. can this world be a little less selfish? Like this Pantene ads below, made in thailand ... I am really amused on how creative Thais can be.

Synopsis :

Thai Pantene television commercial. Its simply brilliant. The story of a deaf and mute girl who learns to play the violin against all odds. One of the most touching advertisements I've seen in a long long time ...

Salute Pantene for such a unselfish piece of very meaningful ads!

Everyone can shine! you dont even have to be perfect to shine! Yes ... U can Shine Wan!


  1. Salutes!

    First time I've saluted anybody's ad besides Petronas ones. Seriously, I like this ad a lot! Can match Petronas ad already. Really meaningful not some crap which tries to con us of money.

  2. Damn........ my type of girl

  3. Gosh! How can a hair shampoo have a touching commercial like this?

    What a awesome Thai Comm! Thai owning!


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