20 June 2009

Malaysia Polis Car - Misubishi Evo X spotted on the road

ok la to be fair ... it maybe a lancer also lol .... so izzit Mitsubishi Evo X or just a regular Mitsubishi Lancer?

haha dun pray pray ... they will chase 9 u if u think u can outrun them now!!! kakakaka!


  1. In UAE more canggih lor... They using Merc AMG, BMW... Mana mau lari?

  2. LOL, buy Lancer for what, still can't simply show off and speed mah. LOL, there goes the money. I bumped into one at Taman Segar, Cheras. It would be funny if they can't even pull over a Kancil.

  3. Supposed to be used on Highway, they just lagak only! If snatch thief go backlane how to follow...?


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