16 June 2009

Vivitar 500mm f8 Mirror Reflex Lens and Sunpak 5000AF flashgun from Amadika!

I like getting parcels! not mails ok? mails = bills!!! I hate mails!!! but i like parcels!!!

PARCELS = TOYS! well ... most of the time la! sometime Parcel = BOMB! KAKAKAKA nevertheless i still like parcels ok! So if u want send me plesen i tenkiu lu dip dip!!! email me for my liliveri address can?

This morning I got a percel liliveri from Fedex and the parcel kam from amadika wan!!!! I opened the box like a kid opening xmas plesen lidat!

Whats in the box?

Open box ceremony!!

A Sunpak flashgun!!! wuahahaha now my home studio lighting is teh complete liow!!!

Got buttons wan leh!!! kanneh so cheap yet so sos-piss-tikated

A vivitar 500mm miror lens!!!! RAWRRRR!!!! 500mm ok!!!! if i use my 2x TC it will bekam 1000mm!!!! satulibus mm!!!! now i can camp in the bush and tangkap mat rempit skodeng from far far ledi!!! WUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Who want join my skodeng camp pls sign up now!!! 15% early kukubird diskaun!!!

Mch ... time can move faster abit anot? i want go home n play with my new toy la!!!


  1. Ooo 500mm f/8 right?

    Mirror reflex lens. The bokeh doughnut shape one!!

  2. where do you usually do ur online soping oh Mr Lojak?

    Dat 500mm is nyum3x

  3. Oi oi

    Itu flash sunpak ngam gua punya Nikon... fast fast burrow me


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