26 June 2009

I m Sorry Mr. Micheal Jackson!

This is not the regular RIP Micheal Jackson post, if you wanna read that kinda post ... there are plenty around.

I wrote this post bcoz I felt soli for MJ .... soli in many perspectives .... I felt soli for him for being who he is, from a human to a freak .... from a nigga to diana ... from macho voice to girly voice ... from very rich to very pokai .... not to mentioned his "spesel" interest on childrens too!

I m also soli that no one give a fark about you when your career took a dive .... when you were pokai and your Ahlongs fwens chase 9 you .... I m sorry no one give a fark either... I am also very soli when you bekam a muslim in ahlab ... no one give a fark too! But lemme tell u that .... thats not my main soli to you Sir.

My main soli to you is that ... same like father's day .... where ppl are reminded to be nice to their oldman (ONCE a year) ... same goes to you! If you wasnt dead I doubt anyone will give a damn about you also! but now that you were dead .... everyone is talking about you! Something you been trying to achieve again in the last remaining few years of your life .....

I am soli that you have to be dead to be remembered Sir! I m soli that human is very forgetful .... isnt it abit too late now that you are gone?

Rest in peace and I hope the other in the other world you can be who u really are ... minus the childrens thingy ok?

Thank you for your music Sir! May you rock the heaven with your music again!


  1. Surthrival .... thriving through all circumstances ...........
    In the spirit of Bumisohology (interconnectedness, survival, thrive and fate ... SURTHRIVAL ... thriving through all circumstances), I like to dedicate my 100th post in this blog to his memory:-. http://tinyurl.com/lbdreg

  2. cheers for the legend

  3. I wonder how his funeral going to be? Is it the Islam style?

    Dare you say my blog like Ah Lian. Your blog like Ah Beng also lah!

  4. Biasa la wingz kor.. We humans are like that.. Always not appreciating what we have.. Till we lost them. Same to any other music artists, they'll be famous after their death, then only they'll be appreciated & worshipped like Gods. I'm sorry, but we human are most of the time hypocrites, I must say.


  5. The children thingy has never been confirmed so let's give him the benefit of the doubt shall we?

  6. Anonymous9:56 pm

    A Legend Never Dies.

    R.I.P to him.

  7. MJ dream and ask you what it means "Ahlongs fwens chase 9 you ".

    I told him is loan shark..he said if he knows this term earlier he will compose a song about Ahlongs

  8. hey he's found NOT guilty on the molest charges on kids ok?? All those farkers are just after his money... he's just trying to fight for his name for something he DIDNT do.. so just let him rest in peace without that accusation ok??

  9. i heard he died without his nose on

  10. a victim of the cruel world....

    he deserves his rest.


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