10 June 2009

With Fwens Lidis Who Needs MP3 Players?

There is 4 amazing videos in this post showing you what kinda thng you could do with you mouth (mch its not hamsup thing ok!!!!) Its beatbox-ing! Watch and be amazed!

The guy in video no.1 n no.2 is prolly the same person .. a jap! I wonder if there is any Ahbeng out there can do the same anot? Maybe they can do an Ahbeng version of classical version of Shanghai Beach LOL!

Watch and be amazed!

Japs wonder boy!

Try to beat this!!

Flute Beatbox-ing Extremely fascinating!!

Homie doing his ghetto thingy!

How? Got kena dumbfarkED anot? lol i know i did! with fwens lidis ... who needs MP3 player anymore?!!! LOL!


  1. its great to have friends or even ourself can do also good..

    but hor. sometimes its very annoying also lo ahhaha!

  2. yup, very very talented. so far i only know that there's one us man that could do well in beatboxing, i didn't know that the jap could do as good...

  3. Anonymous10:12 pm

    Wah damn good


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