27 June 2009

Lets Go Now! MAS Photography Workshop

7 early 8 early i hauled my ass outta bed to go to

Studio V

To attend

photography workshop ... organised by MAS

Among the other Asses I dragged with me is ....

AhDale and his "2 hours of sleep" mia face

And Cincauhangus ..... with his "3 hours of sleep" face *yawnnnnzzzz*

Everyone is here ... lets start!

Look who else we met there! Fehmes brogger Jason mumbles is there covering the event as well!

And here we go! workshop Conducted by Mr. Lai a photo journalist with The Star.

Mr.Lai : this is a BIG HOLE ....

Mr.Lai : this is a small HOLE ....

Mr.Lai : this is a medium HOLE ....

Mr. Lai : and this is how long the stick is ..... LOL!

Hands on guidance

and formulas

Like every other workshop .... you gotta put what you learn to use! We were seperated into few different groups and by the end of the self discovery session we are suppose to submit one photo per group.... as for the location wise ... We got 2 options ....

Option 1 : go into 1U armed with our big ass DSLRs and start playing hide and seek with the sekiu guard. MCH! do u know that u kenot take pikchers in shopping complex wan? Wat phuacking rules is that?!
Option 2 : stay "outside" at the fake rainforest n pretend that trees makes a very interesting subject.

We chosen option 2 after we surveyed their sekiu gads ... majority of them is banglas ... banglas they can run freaking fast one u no?! Last time in kampung they dont have email and fax ... they do courier by foot one u no anot?!!

LOOK! no birds! hence its safe to look!

2 Ahmois caught skodeng-ing

one effing huge piece of waterproof leaf

Frozen waterfall

Flowing Waterfall

After the self discovery session ... we submitted one of our best photo to Mr. Voon only to discovered that Mr. Voon Pc kenot accept RAW file wan!!! kakakakaka .... so the jialat!!! So at the end kira our team dint particiapte also la! lol

If you wanna know the workshop fun anot ..... i let this photo below do the toking ok?

Look at the basket ... luff till so happy wan! LOL!

Tenkiu MAS for the invites! Next time got leng yeah lidis invite me again ah!!! LOL!


  1. Limpek leh? You didn't bring limpek...

  2. cheh.. never invite.

    wait i got no big big camela..
    sigh.. nvm la.. forget what i said.. :P

  3. or is it you sked ur wife diu 9 u?

  4. My bf may look big, but he no violence one lor. Besides, he's not that free also

  5. hahahahaha! is that one who's laughing ah Yat ar?

  6. totally adore the waterfall photos, really really desktop-background-like..


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