24 June 2009

FUSED Comedy Night @ Mist Club

Constipated? Stressed? Tensioned? Depressed? Delusion? Impotent? Insomnia?

You definitely need a break! I got just the cure for lu! Kam to :

FUSED Comedy Night @ Mist Club Bangsar!

Heres a peek at what you can expect ....

When & Where? Its on the ....

25th June (Thurs), 9pm @ Mist Club @ Bangsar Avenue (Behind NSTP), No 18 Jalan Liku off Jalan Riong, 59100 Bangsar.

Kam n luff your ass off then go back being cured! I know I will!

See u dare!!!


  1. Twisted poo poo came out fresh from the oven already.

  2. Haha..guess what? That guy is my primary and secondary school friend. He's a member of Young Comedians Malaysia (YCM). You can find him on Facebook.


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