22 June 2009

My Free HP Mini 110-1016TU Intel Atom N280 netbook

You want a Free HP Mini 110-1016TU Intel Atom N280 (1.66GHz) 1024 DDR2 SDRAM, 160GB hdd Netbook?

Which comes with free "artsy" drawing on the top cover?

With chunted looking lighted on off switch lidis?

With 10.1" (0.1" small than my MSI Wind U100) diagonal SD anti Glare Widescreen Display?

Inclusive of Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950, 802.11b/g WLAN?

You want regular size QWERTY leyboard on your netbook too?

Which also comes with 3 USB 2.0 ports, Mic or audio jack, 5-in-1 Card reader?

You also want built in VGA output port and not forgetting the dinosaour ethernet port as well?

With built in 1.3mp webcam + preinstalled SKYPE?

And a touchpad with oddly located left and right buttons?

And lastly ... a built in wireless broadband modem where you can insert a sim card and dont have to carry an additional external usb modem with you all the time! Not to mention with only 3 USB 2.0 ports .... external usb broadband modem is not a very wise thing to have. You cant do much with the remaining 2 usb ports ok? I need at least 5 usb ports to be able to work normally ... call me a gadget freak lol!

Red circle is how you should put your sim card!

This is my simcard ... going into the simcard slot.

Techical specs of HP mini 110-1016TU

How to get this free? You want to no? Really really want to know?!! No regret wan?! LOL! ok la ok la ....

If you leehly briff this world can get free netbook wan then u goan fark urself la! Eat till so big also still think this world got ppl wanna gibe lu free netbook ka? U slow slow wait la! LOL!

Its lidis one ler ... that day i got one kukubird come tell me to go Digi Center n tell those farkers i wanna pre-book my "FREE" HP mini model (110-1016TU) so I will be able to get my "FREE" HP mini on 1st day they launch this package. I did just that ....

Its the Digi broadband package, you pay RM138 for 24 months (thru credit card easy payment system) then u get the HP mini 110-1016TU ofr "FREE" and they gibe lu a sim card thats good for 16GB usage (at full kaw kaw speed) and after the 16GB they still let u use till no limit .. but they cut 9 your speed to slow slow lidat one la!

Lets say the market velu for this HP mini 110-1016TU is RM1699.00 (regular $ for a netbook in msia) minus the total $ u paid for the 24 months x RM138.00 = RM1,613.00

RM1,613.00 u then kasi divide 24 months = RM67.00/month for "unlimited" broadband konek-syen .. wuah mch CHEAP LEH! I now paying RM58(3GB plan)+RM15(for modem) RM73/month for only 3GB Digi broadband package!!! With this package I get at least 16GB at full speed + watever speed they allow after that as per the "unlimited usage plomised by the sales girl to me and my fwens" this package is leehly leehly worth it leh!!! Lidis mia deal Mana mau carik?!!

Its not really as "FREE" as u think la but i think its worth it .... Then after seing my "FREE" HP mini 3 of my fwens sign up the package also ... they will take liliveri of their units within this week ... so lucky i pre-order mine last week la!

For more info on HP mini model 110-1016TU, drivers download or detailed specs pls go to this LINK

p.s. : I still downloading utilities programs (antivirus, spyware etc etc) to be install into the HP mini .. later i try ledi i let u know this netbook chun anot! leng mou?


  1. MCH! I really brif it's pree. okok, I go tfk now!

  2. KNN, you always get free this and that. Cannot tahan ..........

  3. Can I get the konek-syen in UAE ah? If can I want also lor...

  4. its lucky you have digi internet connection near tmn muda.... my hse here dun have...free gift also no point.

  5. Can share how the Digi billing looks like?


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