17 June 2009

Cuci Mata Wetnesday - Heritage Lake Walk

Once upon a time not too long ago got one Ahlian fwen come ask me lidis

"Why u only take pikchers of girls only? Why never take guys wan?"

That had me thinking for a while (a while only la .. if think long long means i abit curly liow) .. then i tell her ... we guys know how to appreciate girls la! If you ask me to bring out the best from a guy .... i really derno where to begin la LOL!

Last Saturdei my photo kaki inbite me goto Heritage Lake there Walk walk and take pikchers of lenglui LBH (LauBeiHuet) models (girls models ok?!! GIRLS not GUYS!!!)

Bcoz these pics very hawt wan .... i advice u guys to put both hands on the desk/table while looking at this post ... before you start pls make sure u go toilet 1st ok? u dun read half way only go toilet ... then u sure beh tahan wan!!!!

If you got "HARD EHTEK" problem then pls dun read/look .... later u die hard dun blame me!

Others .... enjoy!

Model #1 : YUMIKO!

Emo Miko ... My fav photo of the night!!

Bzzz ... bbbzzzz.... sot sei lei

Yumiko in Red

Evo Miko

Jie jie ... U VEHLEE HAWT AHHH!!!!!

With name like Yumiko .... which Ahbeng can stand wei?!!! this one is definitely Anime Ahbeng dlim girl leh!

#2 Model : Stellies Niing

Cute dimple ... someone said she looks like a HK actress from this angle .... u no who anot?

If u dint kena sot while looking at this pic ... confirmED u curly wan!!

Pak suet Suet Wart Luet Luett wei~~~


Very sweet /cute model, those Ahbengs who into cute cute kawaii babe will certainly go gogo-gaga for her wan!

#3 Model : Sonia Ng

If you dont briff in love at 1st sight ... u should met Ms.Sonia Ng ASAP! OMFGBBQ!!! her legs is teh hawt!!!

Closer shot : Are you convinved yet? want more?

Look at that smile .... can make u go soft n hard at the same time!!! LOL!

Remember this face! She is dlim girls of many Ahbengs!! (at least i know a few ledi lol)

You derno how difficult it is to photograph her ... the numbers of Ahbengs I have to weck before i can gets to her!!! She is the winner of stalker award of the night!

#4 Model : Melissa Ting

This chick easily one of the best model i worked with ... abundant smiles and very verycute/hawt!

Look at her complexions... her pose .... i am impressed! very teh pro ... n HWAT TOO!

I really liked her hair ... soft silky hair .... she had the neat-est hair among all models that night.

Lotsa photographers stalked her also that night .... a very potential Ahbengs Dlim girl!!!

Ok pinis edi .... those who beh tahan can go to toilet now ... make sure u dun moan loud loud ok?

p.s. : I heard next week also got event there with the same group of models .... if you is teh interested .... leave a kondem or email me for details ok?


  1. Hey, I stumble into your blog and find that you are damn good with funny HOMONYMS!

    Cool. If you join this contest sure you can win one, cos you so pandai in HOMONYMS...


    Let us know after you win the $$$ ok. There are total of RM64,000 CASH prizes!

  2. hahaha.. there's the cucimata post! lol!

    got improvement on potraits d wo. and i haven't try doing nite potrait. i dunno how to control lighting le~

  3. Hi, I am interested in next week's shoot. My email is kokyoonlee@gmail.com.


    Yoon Lee

  4. wads the number one rule in photography?

    it is the RULE OF THIRDS! MAN!

    why all in the middle one!

  5. micky : sure can win $$ anot wan ar? if can win prize i will spam the contest with my 987,234,452 ahbeng vocab lol

    Buttercup : wuah sifu tenkiu u say i got improofments worrrrr

    Yoonlee: chekck ur email pls

    Teemotee : i beg to differ, if u keep following other ppl .. u will be a follower, so in my photos there is only my rules ... no other ppl rules wan :P

  6. sei lor, y i feel nothing 1 ? looks ordinary to me...;)


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