5 June 2009

Cheapest Ahbeng

Got this childhood Ahbeng frend which i lost contact long long then one day i met him at Tmn Muda Pasar selling vege, after that everytime i go pasar buy vege he will drag 9 me go yumchar one.

Last week he drag 9 me go yumchar again ... knowing that he just kambek from his Macau Hornyday with his Ahbengs fwens i asked him hows his trip la ...

Me :Oi You Macau trip leng mou? got find Biao mei anot?
Ahbeng : Niahma dun say la! I go gambe lost 9 till fulat!!!
Me : Wuah then your wife no weck 9 u ar?
Ahbeng : Tok about that i lagi tulan!
Me : what happened?
Ahbeng : I lost so much money i know i kambek sure my bini will weck 9 me till blue black one la
Me : Then then?
Ahbeng : Then i thot use all my remain $ to buy her a gift so when she weck me also wont weck so hard la.
Me : KAKAKAKA!!! did the trick worked?
Ahbeng: I notchet pinis story la! got sommo one ... then i go to this shop in the airport to buy perfume to lum her la but my money left very sikit niah ... so i walk around the shop looking for something really cheap one.
Me : Airport shop where got cheap things one wei?
Ahbeng : Yalor i walked whole shop edi also kenot find someting i can afford ... so i find one leng lui and ask her to rekomen me cheap perfume la.
Me : wuah u really tell the lenglui u want cheap perfume ar?
Ahbeng : abuden? its lidis one la .... at first ... she took out one perfume and told me got promo ...

Lenglui : Mista this one new arrival .. got promosyen now ... RM50 oni ... ngam anot?
Ahbeng : Err .. got something cheaper ar?
Lenglui : What about this? smaller bottle but RM35 oni ... very best buy leh
Ahbeng : U got anything cheaper than this?
Lenglui : oh! got ... this one .... made in china one but very "hiong" RM25 oni jekkk

Ahbeng : then i count count ... after tolak RM12 for bus ticket I only left RM18 jek .... so i ask again lor ...

Ahbeng : err ... lenglui arr .. I want something REALLY REALLY cheap one wor ... got anot?

Then the lenglui face changed color edi .... she looked at me like abit tulan lidat then she open her handbag and take out a mirror .. hand it to me and tell me lidis ...

Lenglui : if you want to know what is the cheapest thing i know hor ... just look into the mirror la! I never saw anyone as cheap as u wan! U is the cheapest I know ... no one can fight u ledi! So no nid to buy plesen liow la .. just wrap yourself up can ledi lor!
Ahbeng : Yala MCH! u say i tulan anot la!!! u sommo ask me about my Macau trip!!! MCH LU!!

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  1. this is hilarious, i mean, wrap himself up as present is kinda like a good idea, but if the present represents cheap then its a different story.


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