14 June 2009

Get Pampered at The Courtyard by Marriot Bangkok

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Have you been to a hotel that says "Like you never left home" or "Home sweet home?" ... the thing is .. if wanna feel just like home ... I WOULD STAY AT HOME LA!!! Why pay money and felt like just at home? LOL!!

Thats what i like about this 5 star hotel, Courtyard Marriot Bangkok .. they dont make u feel like you are at home! Heck if my home is as pretty as this .... I never would wanna leave home in the first place hahaha!

Enuff craps ... let the pikchers do the toking ...

Welokam to The Courtyard by Marriot Bangkok

The moment you walk into this wonderful hotel .... u already dun feel like going home ledi lol!

Their service counter are made in such a way it resembles a very luxurious study room with racks n racks of books at the back of each counter.

Free Tuktuk transfer service from the hotel to the nearby train station

Its so comfy in there ... its not like those typical hotels with huge lobby, its not too small either ... its just the right size to make you feel warm and cozy.


The staffs in the hotel is simply wonderful!!! Abundant of smiles everywhere! From the moment we walked into the hotel till we reached our room ... we are prolly greeted with not less than 20 sawadeekaps!

Very relaxing MOMO cafe

Because Ahbeng Thomas is a Tour consultant .. we were speselly greeted by the Gemeral Manager of the hotel, Mr. Nicholas Tse. We were also given a brief tour of the hotel by the man himself.

Public Area

The prestigious Momo Cafe ... the winner of Thailand Tathler Best Restaurant Award.

Food is fantastic in Momo Cafe, its all being prepared in the super clean open kitchen that situated at the end of the retaurant, so you can actually see how they cook your food. No hanky panky business here!

Swimming pool, children pool and the fully equipped gym.

Half an hour later we are done walking about the Hotel and Mr. Nicholas Tse bid farewell and we were sent to our room. I am actually quite eager to see our room actually .... all this walking around the hotel actually increased the expectation i have towards our room.

The moment we enter we found a personal note from the General Manager of the hotel.

A welcome note from the desk of the General Manager

We already felt very teh welokam ledi!!! and our room? .... Lemme put it this way ... if my room looks lidis .... i could really safe thousands of ringgits every year bcoz I will lock myself in there for ages! lol

Super soft Courtyard bedding with lotsa pillows!!! silk pillows!!!

In the we also found a huge work desk with internet (for all 3 of us of coz) a huge LCD, Bath Robes, slippers and a safe that could accommodate 3 notebooks!

"Yo baskets come check out the bathroom!"

Thats what Thomas yelled out when we still checking the room .... and indeed!!! Its The HUGE!!! fully equipped with all the amenities that your need and even more! There is a bathtub and there even built another shower, so 2 baskets can take shower at the same time while looking at each other naked! Of coz that dint happened as none of us would like to see what the other basket would looked like fully naked .... EWWWW WTF!!

The bathroom fit for An Ahbeng!

Thomas and Dale camwhoring in the bathroom

Whats the damages? Thomas told me we only paid about TB3,800+ for a 2 nights stay. Thats really a great value for money for the kinda hospitality we are getting. I am due for another to Bangkok soon and I'll make sure I go back to the Courtyard Marriot again.

In case you like what you read here ... here is something which would make your dream vacation easier ...

Courtyard® by Marriott® Bangkok| Website | Map
155/1 Soi Mahadlekluang 1, Rajdamri Road Bangkok, 10330 Thailand
* Phone: 66 2 690 1888
* Fax : 66 2 690 1899
* Sales: 66 2 656 7700 ext. 4360


  1. Muahhahaahahahahhaha! the welcome note must be a real one! BUUUUT! the manager's fake!

  2. are those really stacks of books?? its amazing. i mean, they really are like my dream library, books sorted in different colours and categories.

    the room looks amazing with the bold bright orange with white. never knew that they could be paired together perfectly.

  3. fuah......biutipull hotel!

  4. Waaah...if my home look like this, i might as well rent out the house at a higher price.


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