19 June 2009

No need to work anymore?

Got one Ahbeng gomen worker sit in opis shaking balls with nothing to do ... out of boredom he goan check out the old gomen storeroom in the basement la. He ransacked the place and found an old lamp ( yea yea ... its one of those genie story again! but this one got a diff twist to it ok?!) and think to himself ... "wuah this lamp so antik! if put my display shelf at home sure very leng!" so he took it home with him.

Befoh he put it up the shelf he polished it (of coz got this part la ... if not where got story?) and a genie appeared and grant him 3 wishes (this part also mandatory la lol)

His first wish is ...

Genie : What your first wish sir?
Ahbeng : I want a coke that will not finish one

and within seconds hes holding a bottle of ice cold coke ledi ...

Genie : Now tell me your second wish sir ....
Ahbeng : I want to have my own island and got many lengluis inside that lum me wan!

and within seconds he is in his own island surrounded by many many lengluis that lum him dip dip wan.

Genie : and your last wish sir?

Ahbeng now think dip dip and long long befoh opening his mouth ....

Ahbeng : for my last wish .... i wish that i dont have to work anymore!

and POOF! Ahbeng is now back at his gomen opis!


p.s. : if i gotmy own genie ... i would wish for my very own china biao mei maid!!!!


  1. Cannot.
    Ng Yen Yen say China Piao Mei punya milk got poison

  2. Muahahahha. D@mn you. Long time no come back then found out ur jokes still funny.

    Government job huh. Lol.


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