22 May 2009

Which Wireless broadband is the best in Ampang?

I dunno yet ... so far i switched from Maxis to Umobile and now to Digi ....

So far Digi still the best .... but i ngam ngam got it for 1 day jek .... will Digi be this leng later? Stay tune wait my report!!! LOL! also wish me good luck ok? I dem sien with laggy sucky mahpuki wireless broadband ledi sigh ....


  1. Which is that mahpuki broadband provider? Please share.

  2. Not only Digi broadband best in Ampang, its also best in KK, Sabah too... me curently using both Celcom n Digi..just to check which one better... but Digi alot better!! Gonna Cancel my Celcom soon...

  3. try P1 la...or ampang haven't is not under coverage yet?


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