27 May 2009

Cuci Mata Wednesday - Lisan the Kimchi

Remember this photo? Who is this girl? Shes Lisan the Kimchi, this is our first proper indoor photography session with proper studio like setup guided by our lighting Master, Sifu Templar Tan

Meet Sifu Templar Tan who takes camwhoring to a new level lol!

Mikestrok taikor so generous let us turn his new luxury house into a temp. studio

Flers Photographers who attended the session.... from left ... sifu Minimuffin, Hokc, Buttecupy2k & Yatz.

Sifu Templar Setting up the lightings

Golden Halo hair

Emo Blue

Blow blow wind


Your lights not tall enuff ....


errr ...

Flip flip hair

Emo Cold



Gorilla invasion

He smells like my 20 yrs old pillow!

Kiss my .....

Overall this is a fun session with non stop laughters and never ending learning oppurtunities. Spesel tenkiu to Sifu Templar for providing free lesson to us as well as the lightings equiments and Mikestrok taikor for letting us ransack his wonderful new house. Looking forward to another session this coming weekend.


  1. lol lisan the kimchi.

    eh eh must note that NO MAKE UP WAS APPLIED and DIDNT WANT TO BE APPLIED

    so dont ask kalau kenapa banyak pimple.

    its au naturale

  2. i like the last pic best!! damn nice!

  3. Wow, that looks like fun. You lucky guy.

    Can I please ask you a question on the Sony A200? Does it support flash rear-curtain sync? If not, does your flash?

    I am a Nikon user, and I have a friend asking me for advice on buying a DSLR and he is interested in the A200.

    Thanks in advance.

    Yoon Lee

  4. Frostier : shhh

    Lisan : pimple is a sign of youth lol

    Buttercup : wuah sifu u say my pic nice?!!! i vehlee happy oh!!

    YoonLee : when u mentioned "rear curtain flash" i presume you mean "rear flash" in sony terms, yes there is such an option in the flash menu. Tell your friend the new A230 is coming out, he might wanna hold on to his purchase for a while. Which Nikon you are using?

  5. Thanks for the prompt reply. The rear curtain sync I refer to is when the flash fires just before the shutter closes as opposed to front curtain sync where the flash fires at the same time the shutter opens. I understand the Canon 1000D does not have this feature. My friend is not thinking of a second hand A200 or Nikon to get started.

    I own 3 Nikon DSLRs, a D200, D70 and a D60. I am very lucky in that I was given the D200 and D70 by my brother. I am now thinking of selling my D70. I also have a collection of lenses, one of them a Sigma 70-300 like yours. However, my 1st choice lens is still the Sigma 24-70 f/2.8. I also have a Tamron SP90 f/2.8 macro that I use for macro and portraits.

    Besides using a SB800 mostly for on-camera flash, I also bought a couple of Nissin Di466 with umbrella & stands for use off-camera. I like the Di466 because they have both manual with and without pre-flash. This means that the triggering flash can be set to TTL (with pre-flash) and manual (without pre-flash).

    I like to shoot people, but unlike you, I am not so lucky to be able to get people willing to pose for me, including members of my family :-(.

    Thanks and regards

    Yoon Lee

  6. wwah where got sifu? still learning alot from you le... u post so many reviews.. haha. next time buy lense must refer back to rojak king first!


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