28 May 2009

Ahbeng Guide on How to avoid shopping trips with your other half

Most Ahbengs alredi kena this before .... be it you are mehlid or you got a steady gerpren ... for sure you got dragged out of your wet dlims to company them go shopping one! rite anot? If you dun go they will nag 9 u long long and make u go gila or they will tell u tonite no sex! rite anot?!!

If you say not rite then u bruff 9 me la! I know wan la ... women n shopping kenot seperate one ... I myself also kena so many times ledi .... the thing is .. its not we dunwan shop with them la ... they never understand us men wan .. when we wanna buy something ... we alredi know what color/size/brand/smells we want b4 we even step into the shopping mall but as for women .... dun say far far la ... take my wife for example ... she can shop for cream crackers for 30 minutes decidig which brand to buy n then compare $ then sniff sniff see which one smells better .. then read the label n compares nutritional infos ... shopping with her can die man!!! i rather go work ok?!! LOL! mch u make sue u dont poke my puijek n tell her i said this ok!!!

Anyway .... from this point onwards we Ahbengs no sked ledi!!! Dis is bcoz far far away in Lunton Engrand there got one Ahbeng angmoh he very teh smart wan ... he come out with ways to make your wife dunwan take u go shopping with her anymore!!! No bruff 9 u wan! U take a look yourself! This idea of him even come out in the newspaper!!! You say terror anot?! He is really our Ahbeng's hero la!!!!

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Dun say i no tell you ah!!! you fast fast print this out and fold nice nice small small (like a talisma) and put into your wallet ... next time your other half pull you go out shopping ... u take this paper out n follow exactly what our Ahbeng hero did can ledi!! Understen??!! Ming pak mou??!!

Photo credit - Buttercupy2k




    i will print AO Size. ahhahahha!

  2. wah!! so guai bak chi yet funny!!hahaha!angmoh oso ah beng d!?

  3. hahahahaha! awesome!!! so cute lah... I think I'd do that instead lah.. I don't like shopping, like seriously, so maybe when I get a boyfriend, I'd ask him to go to the mall and do this together. hahaha.. so cool....

  4. wah! got pp some more the newspaper. lol!

    Dear brotherhood of Bengz!!! we no need scared liao!

  5. oh, yeah, but luckily my boyfriend doesn't really tagging along with me while i'm on my shopping spree.. although i can see that he's bored, but he won't complain cuz after shopping i will belanja him makan good food

  6. next time just go buy something more expensive than her.
    then she sure scared bring you out anymore.

  7. lol...hahahahaha


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