4 May 2009

Ahbeng New Phone - Nokia E71

I been shopping for a new phone for quite sometime to replace the blardee battery hunger HTC Tytn ii and i was deciding between Nokia e71 and Blackberry Bold, then i learnt about the Celcom "FREE" blackberry promotion ... to which is a major dissapointment (to me at least) bcoz unless your monthly hpone bill is over RM1,000 per month ... or else you can forget about it lol!!! RM1,000 phone bill per month u no?!!! WTF?!!

I then found out that the Blackberry Bold cost about RM1,888.00 with a 2 years contract which is reasonable BUT! (yea there is always a "BUT" in this kinda case) their blackberry service with "unlimited" bandwidth is RM188.00 per month (which comes to RM4,512.00 for a 2 yrs contract) RM4,512!!!! Oumaikot!!!!! Ampat Libus sial!!!! AMPAT LIBUS!!!! WTF?!! That actually stopped me from pursuing my Blackbery fetish anymore. With AMPAT LIBUS i can actually do alot more things than just stuck with blekbeli handphone lol.

So no choice la ... since i m now on a chip chip RM58 unlimited Mobile broadband usage from UMobile i think i better stick with it rather than keep incurring more expenses la .... so i begin to shop for other alternative ... i would prefer a phone with battery that can last long long per charge and internet frendly preferably to come with gps one.

After surfing the web for phone reviews I narrowed down my choice based on my requirements to either Nokia E71 or Nokia E75 .... guessed which one i picked?

Nokia E71

I picked Nokia E71 over E75 bcoz Nokia E71 comes with 1500mah Battery as opposed to Nokia E75 1000mah battery. I paid RM1,300 for a Ori Zitron unit, wherelse an AP unit can be obtained as cheap as RM1,100.00 with options to choose colors also! I got bad experience with AP unit ledi so i think RM200 extra is worth paying for the PISS OF MIND!

Nokia E71 out of the box

This is how slim the Nokia E71

Full view of Nokia E71

3.2 MP AF camera with LED flash and a camwhore mirror

Nokia E71 Speaker

Micro SD Card and USB slots

3.5mm headphone jack (no cover tho)

Volume control Buttons

Nokia E series

Nokia E71 Screen

Nokia E71 QWERTY Keyboard

Nokia E71 Shorcut Keys

Nokia E71 Mic and Charging slot

Its actually too early to pass judgement on this phone mainly bcoz i only had it for 1 day, at this moment i m filling this baby up fast with softwaressss lol. Will be able to see the overall performance a couple days later but after a day .... so far so good!


  1. i tot u wana get blackberry wan??

  2. e71 got 3.5mm headphone jack meh?

  3. wah lau eh... every ah beng, ah seng, ah pro, ah lian, ah gu, ah hao, ah kiew using e71. so hot neh~~~ i should get one too???

  4. your old phone dun trow away mah.....
    gip to poor like me...
    waka ka ka ka ka ka


  5. Good choice! I used this phone since Dec08, till now no problem to me. It's tough... u know working in construction site sure koyak, but it still looks like new!

  6. complain so muchhhhh that day tapi beli jugakkk lol

  7. Huei : Boh lui la!

    Nick : I think its smaller than 3.5mm ler

    Mossie : I sapot lu get one!

    pisang : I trade in my old phone ledi

    Kenny : wuah u also using this phone from dec 08 sommo! dem advance lar lu!

    lisan : mana got kompren? that day i testing only lak!

  8. I.WANT.ONE.TOO!!!

    Wait lah..

    But I is waiting for Palm Pre.. :P


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