7 May 2009

What the HUAK is Reaming?

I suddenly got this urge to go Port Dickson this weekend ... any photogs wanna go together gether take pikchers?

This conversation started bcoz of my IM status ... I put there "Listerine is the PWN!" this actually triggered a response from an old Ahbeng (name changed to plotek the innocent LOL!)

Ahbeng : ya rite! hoes oso swear by Listerine wan...after giving blowjobs! LOL
Me : serious?
Ahbeng : u no bilip me u go n gip them blow lah hahaha
Me : no thanks .... i m not fond of getting std lol
Ahbeng : some gud ones does reaming oso! fuyoh! damn sensational til your old man's name oso u forget
Me : reaming is what?
Ahbeng : licking the ream of your anus
Me : wah lan eh wtf
Ahbeng : but 1st they make u wash properly
Me : reaming ledi then suck ur dick again?
Ahbeng : aisey..u dun noe wat u been missing
Me : if u get your shit on your dick .. then it would been like u just farked urself? kakakakakaka ... can i blog about this?
Ahbeng : no u may not blog about tis
Me : i will plotek the innocent by changing their nick one! but those not innocent one no nid plotek la! lol
Ahbeng : tiu u lah. dun blog la
Me : want la
Ahbeng : eh...arse wash clean-clean dy where got shit geh?
Me : what if u too song then u farted?

Then the fler fake fake offline ledi ... prolly bcoz he suddenly also felt he just huakED himself many many times befoh LOL!!

Any of you hamsap Ahbengs sexperienced Reaming befoh anot? Kam share share your sexperience la! dun shy shy!!! lol!


  1. wah veli the disgusting... :-/

  2. Anonymous8:58 am

    for a man with ur experience, i find it amazing that you've never heard of such a thing. don't pretend innocent la you... heh!


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