13 May 2009

Cuci Mata Wednesday - Sin Hui Jing

These shots of Model Sin Hui Jing were taken during the Sony Flash Workshop which was held over last weekend. Flash were used in all these photos to control the way the shadow falls on the model.

Jing is very pleasant to work with and her smile ... phuhhhh ... can melt u kaw kaw even if there is no sun at all! lol!

I'll let the photos do the talking from this point onwards.

U think i pwetty? I vehlee happy!!

Phuhhh ... this smile .... can kill lu!!!

I think you very hensem leh korkor!

I sot you with my eyes!!! bzzz~~ bzzz~~

I m wondering ... when my hansem plince gonna show up?

U no likey me? sniff sniff*



Why you so tall wan?

U made me luff!

I tall anot?

I m cheerful!

I want you!!!


How? Hui Jing jiejie sui anot?! Got melt anot?!!


  1. fuyoh, she wants you.
    she really wants you!!!

  2. pretty! her eyelashes long lei!

  3. I sound damn critical but its Uncle Rojak who ask me to criticise one arr!

    1. Umbrella is VERY distracting. Makes her look like a cow juga wtf.

    2. Hair messy, red flower kacau. It should either be in (give abit more light), or out

    3. Shadows from lashes on face. Flash colour temperature and sunlight not the same. Note: to buy colour filters, and flower again.

    4. Small protrusion near the wristband.

    5. Background lines not straight. Straight lines pwn everything else : )

    6. Erm, act cute wtf phail.

    7. This one quite leng arr!!

    8. Stick at the back! Lines not straight. Note colour temperature, if in doubt shoot RAW.

    9. Dots are misaligned again. Either have them perfectly straight or 45˚, or at least something that looks uniform.

    10. Lines, chin shadow. Can eliminate with one more light from 45˚ (0˚ is vertical) or 315˚ to minimise the light.

    11. Shooting from below makes people look fat. Also, the kah lah dai very ugly ugh potong stim jorr.

    12. see #11

    13. Shoot at higher shutter speeds to kill the yellow light, annoying. Can clone out also. Like the shadows on the hand, quite leng arr.

    14. Lines, and you chopped off her feet.

    Sekian terima kasih rojak you owe me a fucking big meal.

  4. i didn't know that flash could be so natural too. usually my digi cam would have really harsh flash which makes me white as a ghost if taken in dark surrounding.

  5. some of the pics lighting not enough ler..although i know it's like intentional but still lack a bit of oomph..

  6. Anonymous9:26 pm

    eh, compared to your previous works, this collection makes u look damn noob. sorry la, the model seems ok, quite natural. but your composition suckkkkkkkkkkkkkkssssssssssssssss... heh!

    kondem u enough or not? old town white coffee on u. kthxbaiz

  7. hellooooo.... hehehe.... linked ya at my blog! =p cool pictures by the way..

  8. Wuah...abit looks like Maria Ozawa la

    ***run fast fast***

  9. Its not the equipment and its not the subject...

  10. KNN. Me long time out of action. Now come back and see you kau lui without me. Adui. Heartbroken liao


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