10 May 2009

Sony Alpha Flash Workshop Malaysia

I bought a HVL-F58AM flash gun a few months ago and from that point onwards i been regularly discovering the usage of a flash gun. Others Photographers keep telling me that with a flash gun now i could do alot more than before which is absolutely true.


I have to admit, to fully utilize the potential of my F58 is not easy, there is so much the flash gun can do and with my current skills and know-hows it would takes long long to be able to master it all.

What can I do to speed this process up a little?

I registered myself for Free lesson at the Alpha Flash workshop for SONY of coz! I blogged about my previous experience in attending the Basic photography workshop with Sony in Jan'08 and this time I am lucky as I managed to secure a place in this flash workshop with the help of fler Alpha photographers.

According to the attendance list there is close to 50 participants that day, as always .... Free Workshop seats were grabbed up within days from the announced day ... so if you wanna attend their workshop .. make sure you stalk their website kaw kaw you no?

Vistana hotel were use as a venue for this workshop.

Mr. John Shum from Sony

Trainer of the day

Whats the effective range of your Sony Flash Gun ?

What is TTL and ADI and why only Sony Flash gun is equipped with ADI?

ADI & TTL flash features Explained

Trainer of the day

The Explaination of the usage of Slow Flash feature.

HSS (High Speed Sync) feature being used to freeze high speed object.

How to use the zoom feature built in to your flash gun?

Whats the use of a Rear Flash feature?

Under what circumstances should you use the multi flash feature? What are the setting required?

How to get the best results with Wireless Flash?

How to compose an interesting wireless flashed photo.

What is the effective range of your wireless flash from the camera?

How flash could change the way your photo looks like.

Flash is not only bound for indoor photography ... flash can help your dramatically improves your outdoor photos too.

Trainer's closing notes and its time to put what we learnt to use!

A very dedicated photographer cum a good fwen of mine.

Flers photogs busy taking shots.

There were so many flash guns there till you could go temporarily blind if you happen to get in the way lol!

We chosen to practise what we learn around the poolside ... fortunately no one fallen in the pool or else .... he would really be the center of attention.

Half an hour into practical we were asked to take a short break and enjoyed the refreshment that were being served at the lobby of the workshop.


Meehoon! Yum yum!


A lucky Basket with his 70-200G ... how i wish to rob this basket that day! lol

There were also Sony Alpha Products for sale at a discounted price!

Right after the short break we were then seperated into 3 groups and begin our 2nd practical session of the day.

2 very dedicated Alpha Photogs trying to capture ... err ... I dunno what they are trying to capture lol!

A whole bunch of photographers

Our subjects of the day, the 3 models

Group Photo!!! All the photographers who attended the flash workshop organised by SONY.

In a nutshell :

Who should attend? Those who just acquired their Sony flash gun (irregardless of models) or those who do not have any idea how to fully utilise their Sony flash gun.

Level : Beginner-ish, does not really goes in depth into topics like Kelvins settings and the effect of white balance against the flash settings, manual configuration for different flash models etc etc.

Pros :
  1. Basic knowledge of how to use your flash effectively.
  2. Experienced trainers (3 of them to be exact) to provide a more efficient response to the participants whenever they ran into any problems throughout the workshop.
  3. They will provide free on loan flash gun to participants that do not have any flash gun yet. Wish they could provide charged AA batteries also in the coming workshop as mine went flat halfway thru the workshop.
  4. Sweet, cute pwetty pwetty Models for you to practise on! lol!
  5. Sony Alpha Products Promo
  6. Refreshments provided ... FREE makan!

Cons :
  1. NONE coz its FREE!!! LOL!
Honestly, I do think the whole workshop thing is lil bit too basic, maybe Sony could have this change to Basic Flash workshop and then have another one for the intermediate level where the trainer can go into more indepth of the usage of Sony flash guns in creation of a splendid photo. to be fair they did successfully cramped everything (including 2 sessions of model shots plus refreshment break in between) in a 4 hours timeframe, just imagine what can they do if this session were to be spread out for the duration of 2 days?

All in all, this is a great workshop where not only you will learn how to use your flash gun more effectively but you would also be able to make new friends who is using the same camera as you! The even best part is ... Its FREE! .... what more could you ask for? RIGHT?!


  1. Now you can start looking at light modifiers. I recommend you look at http://abetterbouncecard.com/. You can make the card yourself. A place to buy the foam card is
    Art Friend, Lot 213, Third Floor, The Gardens at Mid Valley. They sell a 9x12in piece for RM2.50.

    I find that this is still the best light modifier for a flash mounted on camera. Cheap and good. No need to pay for all those Gary Fong stuff etc

    Have fun.

    Yoon Lee

  2. A good resource for off-camera flash is http://www.strobist.blogspot.com/

    There are many "cheap" flash units that have built in optical trigger and manual control in the market. I use the Nissin Di466, this unit can recognise pre-flashes as well as non-preflash triggers. I read in the Strobist that there are China made manual flash with built in optical triggers as well that goes for less than RM200.

    Have fun...

    Yoon Lee

  3. fuyoh, got pool side bikini babes to shoot somore ar.

  4. they should do one session with models doing mudfight :P

  5. the models are damn hot weeeeiii, names??

  6. Hi, are the products being sold during the workshop priced competitively compared to the street price?

  7. Hi, are the products being sold during the workshop priced competitively compared to the street price?


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