15 May 2009

Nuclear Weapon Factory Memo Leaked

This high sekiu memo were leaked from one of the Nuclear Weapon research facilities in Chungcock. Our spy manage to intercept this memo from the flying pigeon when that fler go hunting ... and this is the content ...

To: Experimental Weapon Research & Development - Nuclear Hand Grenade Tests
From: Experimental Weaponry Testing Dept.
Subject: Nuclear Hand Grenade Test Results

Dear Genitalmen:

Congratulations on the making of sucksesfool first nuclear hand grenade. We test your new weapon ledi ... as expected, the design is purfect la! Our tester pull the pin and throw far far and your nuclear hand grenade exproded purfectly and got the little mushroom effect also ... its so pwetty!! you must come down to see it yourself! This test is a suckses!

But hor ... your instruction manual there say this hand grenade max max also can throw 25 meters only suprisingly .... our tester whois is very muscle one la ... his first throw is around 33 meters so i think you could write 33 meters in the instructions manual ledi.

There is only one problem with this hand grenade .... since this nuclear hand grenade max max also can throw 33 meters only we very STRONGLY suggest that you reduce the 100 meters explosions radius la! Becoz of this .... we in the testing dept is running out of testers ledi!!!

But if you kenot reduce the power also nebermin ... yesday i have a conversation with one of our tester from Iraq ..... he say this if kenot modify can sell to Iraq ... he say this grenade will be a very hot item if we sell to the suicide bomber skool in Iraq!

I hereby conclude our testing for this new ploduck.


Chow Ah Beng
Head Weapon Tester.


  1. LoL, I think this Nuclear hand grenade alr exploded in the air after throw, no need reach ground 1

    and...hor. even the saiz is small I think can explode until 1 km radius la. The testing dept should be wiped off by now

  2. only 100 meter radius meh?
    so lousy 1.

    but can sell to air force, can drop these from the jet planes when fly over.

  3. nuclear hand grenade?
    no need la......
    waste time and money....

    our nuclear fart oledi deadly la....

  4. haha... makes me think of achmed the dead terrorist where he was trained in the suicide bomber camp.... oh, and the mushroom effect is really nice too...


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