20 May 2009

Cuci Mata Wednesday - Elena Lee MAS Cabin Crew Experience

How many Ahbengs know why girl like to mekap? Those Ahbengs got gerpren(s) or wife(s) should at least guessed why female like to mekap la .... for those who dunch habe gerpren(s) or wife(s) yet .... today is your lucky day la!

In this Cuci Mata post you can find the answer to this century old question!!!

I was recently given the oppurtunity to go visit the MAS crew training skool together gether with a bunch of bloggers and get to see many many lengluis air stewardess to be ... lau bei huet sial!!

Apart from looking at lengluis we were also shown how mekap can transform a person .... one cute & pwetty blogger Elena Lee took up the transformation challenge.

Elena Lee before the Mekap session

First we all took photos of her before the transformation ... so we all can see the after effect when the mekap artist is done with her ledi .

Let the transformations begin! Mekap artist Kawon casting her magic on Elena

draw draw eye liner

koko dun kap me lidat ... i shy ler! LOL!

Put eye shadow

Her face look like dem lum lidat lol

Wuah can see changes ledi wei!

PUT GLUE ON BULUS!!! lol OMG it rhymes!

Stick stick .... i wonder got pain anot when u tarik the bulus at the end of the day?

Stick anoder side .... now belen ledi ...

Blink blink n see!

1st time see ppl put lipstick use brush one lol

Wuah Elena so happy!

Half way there ... taking a break so smile for the cam 1st.

Mekap artist Kawon starts to do the MAS signature hairstyle .. nicknamed the karipap! lol!

Wuah i like this feel!

Roll n rolll

Twist n turn

Spray spray and we are done!

Celebrity of the day!!!

Ok now u know how and why gers put mekap ledi ... pls dun goan try it on yourself ok? Ahbeng dun use mekaps wan!!!! Oni Ahkuas do!!!


  1. aiyah, they makeup also bcos of hamsap lous like you. hehehe

  2. no wander all looks same......


    you no afraid of H1N1 kar?

  3. yup, i believe in the power of makeup, too much then it'll be ugly, subtle makeup is the best as long as it brings out the best features in the gal... but i don't dare to stick the fake eyelashes...


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